Photo – Python Wraps itself Around Boy

Python wraps itself around a boy’s leg while the National Geographic cameraman was filming and another was taking a picture of it. Judging by the look of the boy he was terrified at the feeling of the occurrence and all these men could do were to film and snap pictures? Unless one has his heart replaced with music box then one should see these guys need to be prosecuted. What in the world are these people really doing?



  1. They are fools with camera,tell me if its a white boy they will kill d pyton to save d boys life,but in this case they are after d news /money they will make,fools!!!

    • Hey u fool, he rescued him after using him for an experiment, out of his personal feelings, so we blacks are now experimental tools to u whites. God will definitely call u all to question.

  2. Lol…it is just a documentary about the african rock python, I have watched that documentary before on NAT GEO WILD. Everything in the scene was set up by the nat geo crew. The boy later escaped… wz just a documentary.

  3. this is no hoax: who would allow their child to be used for such a hoax?, where will you find a child who would take such a venture? the snake is real, the child is real and someone lured that little child to this desolate location to feed the snake with another man child so they will video and share among evil people like them. as they have done to this child may GOD do same to them. else provide prove that the little child survived tht ordeal

  4. Sorry to disappoint you boy lovers… but its a girl, not a boy. Secondly, this is not even real! It is just reenactment! Wow… you people are some of the dumbest fucks in the world.

  5. Who knows if it was their doing. How on earth did the y get there at the time of the incident, all this so called white men are wicked and can do anything to make name…..they need to be prosecuted.

  6. if truly its a film trick or even its not,the boy or the girl knew what it took to have money,it wasn’t the fault of the white men and,stop embarrassing our self


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