Photo: School students french kissing

If there is a picture that has gained popularity of late it should be this particular picture only most media tend to have so many stories on what was really happening in the picture.

As a result of these so many unconfirmed sources it is advisable to be careful before jumping into any conclusion on what the story behind this act really is, even if you get to see it in many places. The real question to really get a debate on is what parents and aspiring parents think about such an act; not only seeing it as a picture of two students in this act in their school uniforms, but imagining what it’ll feel like to have your child snapped while engaged in the act. Are we going to say since the western world has made it easy when it comes to issues sexual maturity we should also allow our young kids who are expected to be in class, or trying to crack their brains out after school on assignments engage themselves in these acts?

We all know the problems of this country isn’t limited to one focal point, as many damaged aspects mirror each other to form a gigantic beam of luminous but corrupt lights. When a lady as young as this gets pregnant, we know she becomes a small damage to the society, a liability to the parents and a stress to the government, and so many small damages becomes what causes the big hole on our map.


  1. not that i commend the act but the question i would like to ask is;what is wrong:
    1) that they kissed in the open,would it have been better they kissed in their room,when no one could see them,cause thats what our tradition has done with all thses laws,boys and girls hide and not only kiss but have sex and the only time we find out is when the young girl becomes pregnant.
    2) or is kissing itself wrong?
    3)or maybe they are too young
    we need to get it right,what truly is wrong with the picture?

  2. An idiot like u can’t c what is wrong here cos in ur time u did worst. Didn’t u read d article that followed the pic? U obvious didn’t u just breezed through. Wether u like it or not b4 pointing ur hand to that politician as being corrupt this is where it all started…obviously in ur dull brains U probably can’t c d connect daft u. Mr columist this is d future its a pity mtv dstv n all has brought this on us and we have chosen this to learn than more creative and developmental things

  3. Just too bad! Such act by any secondary sch. student in d open or obscure is/remains bad. Psychologically, attention and concentration of students in such act will be divided and/or diverted 4rm d primary goal of being or going to school. Similar act has become predominant amongst present generation of secondary students hence the consistently reported MASS WASC FAILURE and INTENSE EXAMINATION MALPRACTICE. Our society finally bears the brunt I.e you and I sharing directly or otherwise 4rm d eventual nuisance such students/drop-outs become to d society at LG, STATE and NATIONAL levels. Such victims are often d unproductive and devil’s instruments dat torment YOU and I. Let’s discourage and eradicate such mentality and culture at this level if our educational standard must improve!

  4. But my brothers say: DONT JUDGE!!! I wonder where we are going? If a politician is destroying the nation, Dont judge? if a an armed rubber is operating on high way, Dont judge? if a pastor or Alfa or mallam is caught molesting a child, Dont judge? If a pastor is involved in 419, dont judge? if children are displaying nudity, Why should you judge? Why should we judge any thing at all? I mean they say we are not God! DONT JUDGE!!! Is a new trick to legalize all crimes.

  5. The people that took that picture what was their business there? Kissing is a show of affection abeg the people in the picture do they look 10 to you. In my opinion they re old enough to know right from wrong nd if they think its right, who are we to judge them?

  6. I don’t see anything wrong with this Kissing or do u tell me what’s rong i wonda y we put emphasis on ish lyk dis. Train ya kid well tell ’em whats rite n what wrong n leave d rest 2 dem. Dnt treat em lyk prisoners they wuld get wild just 2 provoke you

  7. For all of u supporting this insanity. U are empty skull no grey matter. I hope ur daughters do the same and even ur sisters, and bring home d aftermath of the kisses. I know u must b products of secondary sckul kisses dat y its normal to u, of course it runs in d blood. Idiots