Police Officer Opens Fire on Colleagues, then Gets Himself Shot Dead

It is now evident that not only civilians are victims of the trigger-happy nature of Nigerian policemen. Sometimes, they also suffer from their own penchant for indiscriminate shooting.

The above statement is borne out of an incident which took place in Adamawa State on Tuesday where a police officer at the Michika Divisional Police Headquarters of the state was on Tuesday shot dead after he shot two of his colleagues who are now receiving treatment in the hospital.

Muhammed Ibrahim, the state’s police spokesperson, confirmed the incident, saying the shooter, whose name was given as Abba Gana, allegedly opened fire on his colleagues without any reason. Following Abba Gana’s resistance of arrest, however, he was shot dead by officers of the state’s special anti- robbery patrol, ‘Operation Tsaro’.

In the words of the police spokesperson, “It’s an unfortunate incident this morning, one of our policemen who signed for a rifle for duty, turned around and opened fire on his colleagues who are now receiving treatment in the hospital.”

This is not the first time an incident of this nature would be happening in the state. Sometime ago, a police officer at the Police Divisional Headquarters in Gombi Local Government Area of the state also went berserk, shooting three of his colleagues to death before killing himself.


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