Tonto Dike Explains Why She Got Her Tattoos In New Interview, Discusses Drugs And Movies

Tonto                                                          Stella

Encomium reporter, Stella Dimoko-Korkus recently interviewed Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh. The interview was hilarious.Enjoy.

Stella: You shot the movie, My Life, My Damage, with Uche Jombo; we are yet to see the movie but it is alleged that the drug addict role you played in the movie is your true life character.
Tonto: Here we go again. I am an actor for Christ sake. And I’m supposed to make my audience believe whatever role I interpret. If any past role I have done has made anyone put a tag on me as Tonto a person, that’s their problem to deal with not mine. If they say I got the role because I am drugs why are you calling me? Why don’t you call the person who saw me fit enough to interpret the role? In the movie, My Damage, I played the role of someone who got high on drugs. Acting like a drug addict is easy. Please let them say, I am not going to respond to anyone on this issue again.
Stella: The tattoo of your face on your back was done during the movie shoot in America. Drugs and tattoos sometimes go together. Have you gone for therapy to solve this problem?
Tonto: I don’t understand these questions you are asking. Have you gone to therapy for poke nosing into people’s affairs? I am sure you would call it a day job. That’s fine. I had my back tattooed because I always wanted to do so and during the movie shoot, we figured we could put the scene into the movie. Like you said, drugs and tattoos sometimes go together and we thought it was perfect for the movie.
Stella: I will ignore the insult. From the synopsis of the movie, your character did not end up well. Are you not worried that you might end up like this in real life if you continue with the drug abuse?
Tonto: Yes, the character I played ended up with HIV/AIDS and that’s a good lesson for people who abuse sex and drugs without protection. The movie is a warning to young people living life on the fast lane because they can afford it. The consequences are very serious and in most cases, the damage done cannot be undone. I don’t mean to be rude but if someone calls me again attaching a movie role to Tonto as a person, I will not give any response and I won’t be nice. It’s a pity that people take their eyes off the film and begin to put question mark on the actor’s personal life. People should focus on the character and not me. Thank you all the same for asking me, albeit that I find these questions totally demeaning and insulting on my person. Have a nice day.




  1. I think the interviewer of Tonto-Dikeh needs some lessons on courtesy and respect. That you are a journalist doesn’t give you the right to judge people. Why can’t Stella Dimoko-Korkus remove the beam in her eyes before removing the speck in Tonto’s eyes????

  2. Tonto if I were u I would just slap dat imbecile dat parades herself as stella Dimoko korkus 4 asking u dose stupid questions. Doesn’t she know d difference btw acting n reality? My dear Tonto u rock, u’re very good @wat u do n lyk u know ‘haterz will always hate’. Keep ur head up.

  3. To be frank and straightforward, the journalist is not a professional, does not have good interviewing skills or questions which she can actually learn on line or ask fello journalists and finally, the journalist is very stupid, low and insulting! Perhaps, this is not how the journalist is usually but for now and in this interview, manner and tone, that’s just my view.

  4. Tonto,

    Sorry to tell you this but after about 6-10 years, you will enter a different phase of development. Then you will be calling US and Europe looking for some doc with the most up to date laser technique to remove the damn tatoo from your entire back. Then they will charge you a fortune and the tatoo post-removal will need makeup to cover the irregularities in your skin. WTH were you thinking???

  5. M not soo much a fan of Tonto but I tink d journalist was really out of place….d journalist is anything but a professional…she should have understood d@ Tonto is 1st a human being den an actress….and being a journalist dosent give u d right to disrespect and individual….

  6. First of all, the so called Stella Diminishing whatever is not a professional. So go learn ur Job properly. And Tonto what did u just do what where u thinking to get that horribly shaped tatoo of ur face behind ur. I bet u are already regretting it. Poor child. U just need a big cuddle and words of direction b4 u loose the plot.

  7. This is the dumbest interview I’ve ever read. So dry and empty, luks like there’s a personal beef between Stella and Tontoh. Please I’m no fan of Tontoh but in the right sense, I think we all have our lives to live. And please, if you ain’t liking the heat coming from Tonto’s kitchen, get out of her way and stop talking gibberish!

  8. its high time journalist should be able to interpret characters and personal life. she just passed message during the interview that what she did is a warning to person about end point of drug addict. please live her alone.