We’ll Give Our Husbands Condom For Safety: Nollywood Twin Sisters

One of the most admired, talented and most revered twins in Nigeria’s film industry, Chidiebere and Chidinma Aneke, who have been said to have carved a place for themselves in the industry wouldnt pass such an opportunity of display.

The Enugu-based acts stormed Lagos recently to celebrate their birthday with the less privileged as well as release a new movie, National Experience and National Service. In an encounter with The Entertainer, they talked about their lives.

Would you make love to one man as twins?

No! God forbid. Our man is our separate property that we cannot share. Are you in any relationship? Most of our friends are guys instead of girls because they have business ideas. Concerning if we have boyfriends? No! We don’t have boyfriends, if we have, you would have seen them at our birthday cutting the cake with us. Right now, we are not in any relationship but we have special friends.

How do you handle your male admirers?
Whenever any man admires us because of our movies, we accept them as platonic friends, friends without intimacy.

Are you saying suitors are not coming? 
They are coming; we would not lie to you. We don’t want to eat any man’s money after praying and getting confirmation from God that he’s not the will of God for our lives. You don’t have to get married because your friends are getting married.

You will live to regret it for the rest of your life. Once you make such mistake, it is forever. Our mother didn’t marry our father and then divorced him so why would we leave our husbands after marriage? If eventually we get married and we are told that our husbands are having an affair with other women, it would bother us because they have given us the certificates of marriage.

But if he is traveling, we will give him condoms for safety. Whatever he is doing outside would not be our business though it is not easy, it the surest way to guide a marriage with an unfaithful husband. You don’t expect him to change to your desired man in a second; you have to work it out.

This is why some of our colleagues in the industry are having crashed marriages. When they are getting married, they will tell you he is the nicest man, and tomorrow he has become a devil.

Don’t you think you may lose your husband to another woman?
You would only lose him when you continue to go through his phones to keep details of his calls and messages. Though, it is not easy, we will pamper our husbands in such a way that they would not look at any other woman by the grace of God.