Why We’re Paying Asari, Tompolo, Others Billions –Presidency

The yearly award of about N5.6bn contracts to former Niger Delta militants to protect oil pipelines was defended by the Presidency on Sunday saying the contract was in the interest of the nation.

The Special Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, insisted that Nigeria is benefiting immensely from the exercise, saying the volume of crude oil being produced in the country had increased tremendously since the exercise commenced.

Last week, a Wall Street Journal report  focused on the yearly payment of about N5.6bn to former Niger-Delta war-lords for guarding the oil pipelines in the restive region.

The report gave a break-down of the militants involved in the contracts as ‘General’ Government Tompolo Ekpumopolo,N3.6bn; Asari Dokubo, 1.44bn; ‘General’ Ateke Toms,N560m and ‘General’ Ebikabowei Boyloaf Victor Ben, N560m.

While defending the government action, which Okupe said was done by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, he said, “Since this exercise began, the crude oil production has jumped from 1.8mbpd to 2.6mbpd.

“That is an increment of over $700m income per day to the government. So, when you compare what was paid to get this benefit, it pales into insignificance.”

He said the issue of pipeline and their safety were matters of national security and should not be politicised.

Okupe said it was on record that oil majors were already engaged in community protection of pipelines and there was no better way to secure the pipelines than to employ members of the community within the community they were built.

Moreover, he said the transaction for the contracts were “with NNPC and corporate organisations who have the abilities to protect the pipelines and the nation is enjoying the benefits.”


  1. why must it be militant to get the contract,what is the evidence that they not still stealing the crude oil in the name of guarding it,Nigerian are 2 wise for this,what is now the work of the NIGERIAN CIVIL DEFENCE CORPS are they not the one to the job……. rubish

  2. This billions of naira that mr. President is paying to all these oil thieves in niger-delta is a flaud, because even as am saying bunkere is taking place in the whole niger-delta area pipelines are breaking everyday, but to mr. President he pays them to protect it not knowing that he is promoting them. All Nigerians should believe this because am a typical ogoni son inside niger-delta even in my place they are breaking pipelines for bunkere everyday. So EFCC should take note of this amount of monies that our president is wasting. 08069082436

  3. This is quite hilarious, i can’t believe that this insane acts is happening in a country of >150m population with about 60% unemployed and jobless youth, yet, the world renowned first class criminals are being paid >5bn annually in the name contract, while the less privilege ones are dying for hunger. Anyway God the almighty is watching all our moves.

  4. @justice needom, u mak a very big mistak by placing ur line online.
    well, my general advice 2 u all is dat, u people shud b careful y talking about insensitive mattaer. d govt know w@ dey ar doing. evrytin must b on PDP which means PEOPLE DISTROY PEOPLE. so b careful wit dem. dey can kill u in oda 4 dem 2 mak wealths. tak care peepz

  5. Bros I hail o, please be careful of what you accept from PDP initially you were given guns that almost destroy your lives now they are giving you money to distract and prevent you from fighting for the Niger Delta. Well our president already have much headache so it will not be good to add to it. You can do the Job effectively if you want but if you ask me FG don’t deserve it.

  6. pple that killed thousands of govt securities agents in cold blood er now d ones d same govt appointed to be their security agents ova oil installation…wonders will neva end.wat a bad n corrupted govt we huv..the govt maybe some day will grant boko haram amnesty and give them the appointment of guiding churches and other govt installation on land..the end shall justify the means

  7. This is insane and lugubrious. Nigeria is paying oil thieves huge amount of money to guide pipe lines and mr president was bold enough to say it publickly, I can’t believe it. We all have to stand up and kick against this madness that has been cripling the progress of this great country of ours.Nigeria belongs to me,you and all of its citizen. We dare fight for our right.

  8. I think is a good development for what FG did. bcos, there a provide that says if u don’t want to look for ur money give the thief to keep it for u. And the same time don’t forget the same people we are talking about is their land.