Akon, Wyclef Stars in Jeta Amata’s Movie To Be Screened At UN GA in New York Today

After being threatened by a group to leave the country because he produced a movie that addresses his people’s suffering, award winning film maker, Jeta Amata screens his movie, Black November in New York today at the United Nations General Assembly.

He would have released the movie if he succumbed to this threat: “This is a warning to you. It has come to our notice that you have produced a video about the problem in the Niger-Delta without proper consultations regarding the true state of affairs in the area. You are hereby warned not to release that video or be faced with grave consequences.

We are very well informed about your daily routine and that of your child. Your address is 35 Colorado Close, Maitama, Minister’s Hill and your child schools at Ecole Francais Marcel-Pagnol d’Abuja, Durumi district,Abuja. Be warned!”

Those who have watched the movie said it may have revealed some uncomfortable secrets behind the struggle of the Niger-Delta and how some disgruntled leaders are playing politics with the lives of the citizens.

These and more are what the said group does not want to be a public knowledge.

Black November stars international music acts like Akon and Wyclef Jean; who played a Nigerian in the movie. Speaking about the movie, Wyclef said he enjoyed being part of the movie and had to work on his accent to be truly Nigerian in the movie. The movie also stars Mickey Rourke, Vivicia Fox, O.C. Ukeje, Fred Amata, Mbong Amata, Lanre Idewu, Chris Haye, Ibrahim Aba-Gana, Kristen Peterson Zack Amata, among others.

A foreign newspaper had earlier in the year referred to Jeta Amata as Nollywood’s gift to Hollywood. The talented film maker says the movie is coming to African cinemas in December.


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