Graphic: Poverty Forces Doctors To Contemplate Amputating Woman’s Badly Swollen Leg

A poverty-stricken woman faces having her grossly swollen leg amputated because doctors say any other treatment is too expensive for her to afford

Liu Huayan from Ganzhou, China, did not seek medical help after bruising her leg while chopping firewood earlier this year because she could not afford to see a doctor.

Her leg is now grotesquely disfigured, with swelling drooping down the sides of her foot, and medics say the only remedy her finances can meet is the removal of the afflicted limb.
Mrs Liu’s right leg started ballooning five years after she gave birth to a child. It began ulcerating this May when she suffered bruising after an accident while chopping firewood.

Mrs Liu’s family is already heavily in debt after spending huge chunks of their meagre income on medication to treat her husband’s tuberculosis.

China has the world’s highest population, one of the strongest world economies and advanced technology but cannot boast of a comprehensive health plan. I am certain that if this woman were to be a Nigerian, good spirited individuals like we have witnessed over the last couple of weeks, would have come to her rescue – especially, since if it is curable.

Nigerians indeed, know how to show love and be their brother’s keeper.