Photo Of Ice Prince Sagging Ridiculously At Lagos Concert

If you ask an average Nigerian about iceprince you’ll tales of being one of the responsible artists available, but this show of shame left a lot of people stunned with this shabby and distasteful dressing at the Close-up Loves Naija Concert last Sunday. Mr. artistman’s pant was almost touching his knee all in the name of being “cool” or “keeping it real”

For those who still think sagging is cool, check this out…


  1. Insanity is not just demonstrated by unclad people, most times it’s found amongst supposed sane people. These are just nincompoops who deserves a place in the Psychiatric hospital ward.

  2. Upon ur age ice prince u re still dressing like a prisoner,an agent of change dragging us to prison.I don‘t think u were disgraced bt taught hw to dress in public.Pay them later,adult pay for knowledge received.O boy ice prince d go adult skul.

  3. but as a celeb on a stage to paform he’s not trying 2 sag bt trying to explain his swag in a way the young 1ns will code and like it so dnt flosee on him


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