“The way Nigerians challenge and abuse me… the president has enormous powers…” – Jonathan

And then a lot of Nigerians will ask: Powers to do what?

This statement from the president was made during the 52nd Independence anniversary lecture with the title “Nigeria: Security, Development and National Transformation”. Also in attendance at the occasion was the former President of Ghana, John Kufour, who identified imbalance in development as the bane of the security situation in Nigeria.

The president did bare his mind on a lot of issues, part of which were the FoI (Freedom of Information) Act – an indeed rare gift from the legislatures to Nigerians! – and the January fuel subsidy protests.

While the president easily waved aside the fact that the masses protested against the fuel subsidy removal, saying that they were “manipulated” into protesting, he does not seem to be very comfortable with the use to which Nigerians – especially the media – are putting the FoI Act.

According to him, “The way Nigerians challenge and abuse me, yes the president has enormous power but if you use that enormous power to some extent you will look like a dictator. In a democratic setting, you want to create an environment where people can create their opinion and that is why people are allowed to talk freely and demonstrate. But are we doing so properly?”


  1. plan very well, as many leaders in Nigeria are against you that means your doing great, before your there Nigeria has spoiled beyond repair just do the one you can, and make sure before you finish at aso rock that you give us 24 hours electricity, GOD bless federal republic of Nigeria.

  2. Dis mumu is complaining of been insulted,
    when he does not even know d reason why d masses voted 4 him,
    my dear president d reason why u are been insulted is becos u are a big fool,.
    And u are more than 40yrs of age
    it means u are a fool forever

  3. It’s very clear dat Jonathan is visionless presdnt.He shud use one of d enormous powers 2 reduce d outrageous school fees in our Tertiary institutns cos 18k minimum wage doesn’t complemnt d high rate of schl fees in Nig.Also use ur enormoz pwer 2 caught down d outragoz salaries n allwnces of d presdnt n lawlootaz calld lawmakaz.Use ur enormoz pwr 2 giv us roads,water,electricity,quality educatn,better life etc.Use ur pwr 2 stop being corrupt.

  4. The statement by the president the he has “enormous powers” is a cloaked threat…he is letting Nigerians know that he can stiffle them if he wants,but in his benevolent mercies he has chosen to spare us…this man is almost insane…to imagine that such a foolish statement was made to the hearing of the whole world…I believe him to be toothless with even very little bark because no matter what he does,he can never oppress the entire Nigeria

  5. Uche or wat Eva u cal urself… If only u hv a Father, u will know wat it means been respectful. Even d gud bk says, “honour ur father & ur mother, dt ur days may b long”, dis in spite of any amount of provocation… Obviously, u r a bastard, how wld u know how 2 respect men like Jonathan, hu’s old enough to b ur father. U r so senseless 2 know dt Jonathan cn’t solve Nigeria’s problems even in 4 tenures cos he met dem dre, & pple hu feed frm d problems in dis country, wld nt let him. It’s even pple like u, if u r given d chance 2 b dre, u’ll do worse, so watch ya big mouth & stop abusing pple dt r more Dan u…

  6. This fool has forgotten that he is dealing with people that are more sensible than his entire househood
    Please I beg of you watch your statement for you not to run our vision 2015

  7. Anyway I know before now that jona is a foolishman, I told my mates not to vote for the idiot but they relented. jonathan you are a fool, u have not even started seeing insult. What am sure of now is that the mugu will never smell any seat in Nigeria, he will not even finish this his tenor self, his foolish wife will face the wrath of God. jona is a zombi, wat Igbos call Aturu. May the devil forgive him.

  8. Even president OBAMA is bn criticized&insulted by americans, dos dat he shud commit suicide neva bcus even d holy Qur’an says u can neva pleas evybdy. So JONA carry go wit u ‘fruitless time wasting&sucidal transdestructive agenda’. All i knw is ur days ar numbered in Aso villa. Gud luck

  9. Thank you our incumbat president ‘GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN’ it true that inherently nigerian dislike slow as well as gentility in administration especially when it come to governance. Bear it as its may, the fact remain that our LEADERS are NOT CAPABLE of serving Nigerian inview of thier grid and selfish interest. As a matter of fact, the issue of insecurity could ve been resolved, if they had sent home the senators, ministers, assembly members, board of trustee, Governing council including those in the arm forces and other security sectors and instruct the various embassy to deny them access to foreign countrie’s and also deny them their salary (but pay tham at later time) until they resolved their differences and come with better opinion, i bet you that, until this is done insecurity will the status of our country. Lastly ; action, selve decision making, with the Application of mac gregory theory Y and skinner motivational theory, then you can make a good government. Finely God with his infinite mercy will continuon to lead and direct you and your cabinet towards achieving your aims of 2020. Thank you.

  10. Alaku u re as dumb,foolish nd vry senseless as ur name,it is u nd d rest of u dat re supportin dis mumu Jonathan dat re bastards,its Nigerians lik u dat mak us appear foolish to d world evn an uneducated moron wont say d rubbish dat uve said,i doubt if der is any brain in dat hollow space called ur head,only a vry insane persn wud be supportin dat clown 4 his nonsense statemnts,it is on top of poor,hungry defenceless Nigerians dat he knws dat he has power,balderdash…

  11. Alaku your mother is a prostitute! You must also be a homosectual for saying all the shit you just said! How can you com out here and abuse people lik that?? You are just a cunt

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