Video: Comedian Foxy P’s Hilarious report of Davido and crew walk out during Wizkid’s performance at NEA

Foxy P, a US based comedian reported the the 2012 Nigerian Entertainment Awards which held this past Sunday September 2 in New York City via his Africa Today Show. Here is how his Hilarious report goes:

Davido and his HKN crew including Sina Rambo and B-Red came very late to the event and instead of waiting for a lull they just bounded all the way down the steps to the front row where EME stars Banky W, Skales, etc were sitting. They were relatively calm till towards the EME performance that started with XO Senevoe, Rotimi, Skales then Banky and Wizkid. At the time Wizkid came up Davido just got up with his whole crew and they all walked out. It wasn’t like they were rushing anywhere because everyone was eventually going to the after party so there was no hurry. I came out after he did and noticed that the entire HKN crew were just standing outside the auditorium doing nothing. It was clear to see they came out because they couldn’t stand to watch Wizkid perform.


  1. Davido fucked up big time.. Wat for? Its all bullshits. Thr most painful part is dix shit was observed by an outsider.Davido’s arrogance will lead him nowhr.Davido no go let person rest nau cuz he’s omo baba olowo. Wizkid is his boss so he shud take it or leave it.Besides dt wizkid is more mature dan him. Wizkid doesn’t go abt slapping taxi driver..

  2. Wat are u all saying?for d fact dat davido step out is not an insult τ̅☺ wizkid and shut ur mouth,noffin like boss 4 music
    Dnt be τ̅☺ naïve?bcos davido step out,does nt mean its bcos of wizkid…u all talking abt arrogance as if he slap wizkid ..who is on top is †ђξ boss and they both on check.plz piss off

  3. Davido is nt mature,yes he’s baba lowo bt he still needs training on hw to behave to people…@wizkid d guy is jst a big boy wu hustle n made it n still tuale to his elders,him go live long jare…