Bishop David Benenoch of Communion Church set to divorce wife of 20 years

During a church service recently, Bishop David Benenoch, the Founding pastor of Communion Church, Lagos and the President Bishop of Communion Church Worldwide,  announced the end of his marriage to his wife of 20 years and mother of his three children, Esther Benenoch. He was said to have told members he’s seeking for divorce for spiritual reasons and didn’t explain further to his stunned worshipers.

On the other hand, it was revealed that Esther Benenoch is a blogger who’s written so many articles on relationships, marriages, and she’s always written against divorce.

Now the big question is how does a writer against divorce get so swallowed up in the problem of divorce that she couldn’t foresee, let alone avert the encroaching disaster?


  1. The fact that she always adviced against divorce does not mean that she wouldn’t come accross such a trial. Please i want to plead with the media to pass this message to the concerned woman. Hello madam, please, this is a test to your faith and teachings never give up. Don’ t allow the devil to win this battle by shifting your ground. The devil want to test your faith against your preaching in other words, the devil want to know if you are what you confessed and preached. For your husband, never approve his divorce request the devil want to use this as a trick to put your marriage at stake. Keep on loving him, respect him and be prayerful even if he drove you out of the house because you refused to sobmit to the divorce request. May good Lord see you through in this battle.

  2. men, hmm men, will always be men, maybe he has seen a fine girl in d church, madam dont worry, God will speak for u, dat woman that makes him to give u devorce, will bring him down in Jesus name ….Amen.

  3. For that pastor who calls himself a bishop should talk of divorce, he must have seen another girl in the church who he is interested in.He tries to cover up by saying it is spiritual reason

  4. The end is finally here. Father save your children from the wicked and perilous times. May God visit them both and speak to them because we can’t say for sure where the problem is coming from.

  5. Can’t we see it,the bible say God hates divorce,its against his divine plan of marriage,what happened to unconditional love and forgiveness,why do we allow Satan to use us,what is spiritual about divorce,God help us all.

  6. I wonder the type of pastors we have this days, they don’t show any sign of being spiritual @ all. What excuse does he have to divorce his 20 years mirriage saying spiritual reasons, some of you people that call yourself man of God are fake, no Godly fear in you people and you are going to mislead many but God will not allow you guys succed. A time will come when one will no longer go to church again all you have to do is seat in your house and talk to God because you people are not God sent at all. Madam God will be with you and fight this battle for you.

  7. Na wa ooo so now its pastors that are divorcing any how and using spiritual reasons as excuse?? Kai na wa oo! The devil has rili entered the church! Pastor chris okotie has shown them how to do it with “spiritual reasons” now others are following his lead.una well done ooo! Na una sabi pastors indeed

  8. Faith of our fathers is a holy faith and we promised to uphold it to the end. Mama and papa please don’t allow this to happen to us your children.God is watching us all from a distance

  9. This is a simple case of people removing the dirt in other ppl’s eyes without checking the log in theirs. My dad says that when your neighbour’s house is burning, you should start pouring water on your own roof. The woman has clearly not attended to her husband’s needs and made minimal attempt to improve on her shortcomings. It is not fair to say a pastor should stay in a marriage even if he’s not happy just because he’s a man of the cloth. I don’t know the issues but neither do any of you on this forum. Let any without sin cast the 1st stone!

  10. if u dnt hv fact why nt keep quiet. Who is asking you to pray?do u know what to pray for? Please if you are confused, try and settle your are nt a member of communion church yet u are commenting. I sympatise wit ur ignorance. I am a member 4 20yrs and was stil in church 2day. Every thing is fine. Dnt drink panadol over anoda man’s headache. Dnt allow people manipulate u wit lies. If u no u dnt understand while nt ask god 2 explain to u. The communion church is waxing stronger. God bles communion church

  11. @toskom you be fool who dey tok of church here? reveal your real and full name if you nor dey fear we go come check you for the church you are a he goat na una dey promote evil for church. im sure na you go rape that dog the other day for our yard mumu

  12. @Toskom, i attended the Communion Church for a few years and i would truly like to know who you are cause you are a big disappointment. I guess you love your church and Bishop but the truth be told, divorce is unacceptable except if infidelity is involved and Bishop has not come out to say Mama cheated on him… Toskom löok beyond The Communion Church to what the word of God says about divorce.


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