Bisi Ibidapo-Obe: “Dino Impregnated Me!”, Dino Melaye: “..Change Strategy, Slander Wont Work!”

Popular Yoruba actress, Bisi Ibidapo-Obe has sensationally revealed to E247 that former lawmaker and ACN chieftain in Kogi state, Otunba Dino Melaye is responsible for her pregnancy. Now, that should be a very good piece of news rather, it has degenerated into a game of accusations and counter-accusations.

In The Eye Of The Storm: Bisi Ibidapo-Obe & Dino Melaye

According to her, “I actually met Dino through Lola Alao sometime March or early April and honestly speaking I was in need of help and Lola Alao promised she would introduce me to someone who could help. The person turned out to be Dino. I actually visited him in Abuja. He was actually forthcoming and helpful. I was not the only one involved then but he took particular interest in me.

“We got to know each other and at a point I was scared because he was all over me. Overtime, he showed me he meant well and we became good friends. Somehow, one thing led to the other and we started dating. He appeared nice, loving and showed me a lot of affection,” Bisi told E247.

She further narrated to the magazine, “He was quite frequent in my Lagos home. I remember when he came to Lagos for the birthday of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, I went to pick him from the airport to my house. We were an item and it was known to a couple of our close friends in the industry.

“Shortly after, I travelled to Canada and it was while in Canada with my colleagues, Foluke Daramola and Moji Olaiya, that I felt the symptoms of pregnancy. It started with the usual morning sickness. I could not believe it. It was painful because I could not participate in all the programmes lined up for us in Canada.

“I can remember that it was Moji Olaiya that went to buy the pregnancy kit that later confirmed I was pregnant.

“Immediately, I called Dino in Nigeria and shared the news with him. He was excited about it and he told me he was looking forward to seeing me in Lagos soon. When I returned, he received me with joy and on an occasion he took me to his hometown, Kabba in Kogi State. He told me he wanted to marry me. He was so nice to me.

“Sometime in May, I went to London, came back and he called and said again that he actually wanted a big society wedding for me but since his parents are clerics and the rules and regulation of their church frowns at pregnant brides he would want me to get rid of the pregnancy. I was shocked. I wept uncontrollably all night.

“Later, I called him and told him since that’s his new position, I will advise him to go to his parents with another lady and marry. I’m not keen about society wedding but love to keep the pregnancy and have my baby. He did not allow me to say my mind when he dropped the phone.

“I called him severally but he refused to pick my calls. I sent emissaries, friends to him but he refused to listen. His complaint, according to my friends who took the courage to talk him, was that I was rude.

“You can imagine, Dino refused to understand; he failed to know that I’m no longer a baby. This is my joy, joy unspeakable to me, something I have been praying for and he wanted me to be funny with it. It’s ridiculous.

“Since June, Dino, never showed, he never came. He stopped picking my calls. But each time I tried to call him with another mobile number, he would pick the call but as soon as he finds out I’m the one on the phone he will drop it. I have not wronged Dino, I have only chosen to do what is right to me but he sees it differently. I’m no longer a kid.

“It’s painful that such action is coming from a man who claims he loves the masses, the oppressed people of this country and he is oppressing me. My fate is in the hands of God and He will see me through. I have not been working to earn any money but I have found favour before God and a couple of my friends. I know I’m not alone in this. God is with me.”

Explaining to the magazine on efforts made by Lola Alao on the matter, Bisi told E247, “I spoke with her; I pleaded with her to talk to Dino. I was shocked when she told me that Dino said he was not responsible for the pregnancy.

“I took her up on this. I asked her if she believed him. I found it insulting that at my age I wouldn’t know who is responsible for my pregnancy? But then, I’m not surprised because I have been fed with a lot of information that Lola and Dino are dating now.”

It would be recalled that some few weeks ago, Bisi held a baby shower with some selected friends of hers. In attendance were Moji Olaiya, Iyabo Ojo, Fathia Balogun and others. However, the alleged father, Dino Melaye was conspicuously absent.

As at the time of posting this news item, calls put through to Dino Melaye to get his own side of the story proved abortive as he did not pick his calls and neither has he returned any of the calls. But it is instructive to note that the anti-corruption crusader has taken to his twitter handle to dispel the story saying he “can not be distracted by rumour mongers and peddlers of chronic lies…”

Otunba Dino Melaye@dino_melaye

Can not be distracted by rumour mongers and peddlers of chronic lies. Am focused so I advise u to change strategy. Slander won’t work.


  1. Bisi and Lola are first class cooperate prostitute ,but d bad one is Lola knowing fully well Bisi is pregnant for Dino ,am sure she is d one dat told Dino Bisi’s pregnancy is not His.Bisi should just pull herself togeda and have her baby,is a blessing.

  2. Some girls are stupidly smart. They all want a rich guy to end up with after their sojourn. Why the sex and even unprotected in the first place? Why this media expose? At this age and time? I’m not being judgmental, but does it take promises of marriage to open the shagging gate?.

  3. Bisi may God save your soul, God still love you, God will always be there for you,as for dino or whatsoever his name, just wait and see the end of the weked, Bisi your husband is here waiting for you, is only that God want you to lean a good leason out of this,

  4. Everybody has a past whether good or bad one questioni would love to as mr Dino is did he ever at any point have a relationship with Bisi if he did did he sleep with her without protection if the anwers is yes I advice Bisi to pls not bother herself over a am that can’t be man enough to accept His responsibilities ur unborn child is a blessing face ur career or better still DNA test still dey *fakasi* !

  5. It is quit unfortunate dat well respected lady like you we mingle with somebody like Deno who is just an opportunist who find his self in National Assembly and make cheap money not like you who sweat too make earns meet pls I beg you take heart and move forward God we fight your cause if there is a need for that I promise you.But this should serve as a very big lession for all women who are like you too be careful for men like Deno’s who use money too decieved ladies like u,am really sorry for you.Pls take heart God we see u through in jesus name.

  6. Bisi is a long time street nd local prostitute, well known in ikosi-ketu, my area. I guess dt was her first time of going plc. She should get her business registered. She didn’t respect herself, dt Is d reward of prostitution. Afterall She entered movie industry with her body. Shame on her

  7. So in this age&time,this punk buster,Dino,still f**ks these loose girls without condom? Wow! Look,Dino,for whatever it’s worth,i’ll advise u to leave the small matter of the child’s paternity,and rather focus ur attention toward ur short-term HIV status! If u like sha o.

  8. u said went 4 help, what type of help were you looking 4? Is it help of sex or help of money? You are a fool, you dey look 4 rich man now rich man don deal with you

  9. When women make greedy mistakes all because of their selfish intrest ,they later turn to God for unforgiving forgiveness.Infact majority of Nigerian actress are truly professional first grade prostitute hiding under the umbrella of film industry.bisi has also fallen under the umbrella of the first class arrange of actress mama(Alao)

  10. Why is this stupid pro, telling us the story of her life? When she was having unprotected sex… She no shout oo. No be Dino get the preg joor. Make she look for the owner….. We Sabi Bisi too well oooo.

  11. @ princess,a woman calling another woman prostitute,sorry oh saint princess.m.u.m.u. and for the bisi girl,can you now see where awoof go land you,oni je ku je and for mr dino,any fool can make a baby but only real men face up to their responsibilities.If you dont like fire,dont play with matches…thank the good people of kogi for kicking u out

  12. It’s a thing of shame to think that movie actress whom are supposed to be role models to young children turn out to be as dirty as this. I used to admire the Bisi lady thinking she was decent & not like the regular nollywood actresses that sleep around with men. Do you take someone like Dino to be a fool or what? He’s an educated man & cheap pros like Bisi are easy preys for the middle class. To even think of her washing her already rotten linen in public proves why someone like Dino won’t even think of marrying her. Besides at her age & so called exposure is it a new thing for a man to reject a pregnancy or as for an abortion? I’m not applauding Dino cos I don’t know who to believe but it’s obvious bisi is no different from the regular call girls. Her friends better advice her to get a life cos the media has better issues to deal with.

  13. What kind of desperation is this? Another woman’s husband? When you sleep with a married man, it is called ‘RUNZ’. She’s lucky its a fairly honest politician…if not she wud hv been used for election juju. Simple knacking tinz in exchange 4 some luxury, you run go born pikin say God is with you…Yo pa ra re!

  14. Is Dino denying ever sleeping with her? If yes then he has no moral justification to deny the pregnancy whether the lady is a whore or not. The elders say that you dont smell what you know you won’t eat… And if Dinobrefuses, Bisi, pls keep your precious baby and surrender to God. Something or mistakes must happen to bring one to God in some cases. Who says the child will not be greater than Dino? He sure looks like a playboy

  15. Ole! Thief! Barawo! U met a guy in April & called dat u’re pregnant in may. Imagine! U’re just an intruder Asole! What u want is to send his wife packing bcos of u abi? Oti debi wa so eru ka! U beta change ur advisers, bcos u don’t av good one! Who doesn’t know u pple, after flunting ur yansh on him, u think d best u culd do is to impose urself on him & scatter his happy home abi? God will judge u! Sebi, u did screte engangement wit one US based(married too) somtym last year? It didn’t work too abi? Answer me nao?

  16. I wonder what we have turn this society into, some one of Bisi type, slept with another woman’s husband and also planning to marry him and we are hear sympatharzing with her. If she would have subside, it is possible that Dino’s wife will lost her peace in her own husband’s house and we are still going to be the one’s who will criticise the act. Let us all standup, and say that which is not good to all these robish. To Bisi u have been paid for ur cheap services. My prayer is that more of this should happen to all those who refused to see this as an example. To u (Dino or what ever u called ur self) continue deceiving them, the way u have’d subsided in deceiving so many unreasonbly Nigerians in the name that u are fighting for the oppress, when u are actually making ur self rich so u can sleep with ur mothers and daughters.

  17. Bisi, without missing words u are trully a cheap girl who is claiming a big girl, according to u, the both of u met in March or early April. First u said he was all over u, so u were scare, but only in a month time u are pregnate for the very person u are scare of and planning to marry him despite the fact that he is married. Since I’m not a girl, I’m unable to understand if that is the way it is with women. When they say “they don’t want” meaning they actually want.

  18. @kenny,princewilliams una nack am for head jare!!!! Wil bisi honestly tel me she does nt no dat he’s a married man? I dnt blame dino1 bit he didnt rape ha, it was a mutual runz afta al i just pity d unborn baby.

  19. I pity u bisi,cos am a woman is nt easy to be used,impregnated and dump,bt u cos all dis ur a woman no matter d pblm u may hav u shudn’t sell ur body for money,ur dino take u as a prostitute he has no respect for u,why do hav unprotected sex with him u beta go for hiv test,bcos i learn dat dis ur dino has been distributing syphllis

  20. dont mind them, the three of them does not possess a good background. dino, who is he? lola and her friend bisi, who are they? children of nobody, so why are you people celebrating them, pls save this page for something good.

  21. I don’t blame dino a bit, y wud he accept a bastard. U met him and u got preg the followin month. You borught what usually happen in ur stupid movies to real life abi, cos all the ladies in those meaningless movies get pregnant as soon as they get laid. We all knw that 98% of u actresses are prostitutes, so wwhat kind of man accepts the preg of a prostitute? Its bcos of pple like u n ur madame Lola Alao, that decent ladies too get insulted. U pple are disgrace to the femine race. Sluts

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  23. Bisi is a gold digger, she`s only trying to blackmail Dino. He`s done with her.She need more money.Afterall Dino is not a saint.Nottin is free even in FREETOWN-SERRIA LONE.


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