El Hadji Diouf: Gerrard Is Selfish

Who would have thought anyone would see Liverpool captain, Steven Gerrard as selfish? Fans love him very much and they believe he’s a selfless leader and one of the cult heroes of Liverpool Football Club, but Senegalese footballer, El Hadji Diouf thinks otherwise.

In an interview with French magazine L’Equipe, Diouf said Gerrard was jealous of him while he was at Liverpool.

“Gerrard was jealous of me back then as I had the world at my feet. There’s no one more selfish…he doesn’t care about anyone else.

“Gerrard would rather Liverpool lost and he scored. The old Liverpool guys can’t stand him. I won’t even start with Carragher.”

When asked about his partying and the bad impression people have about him, Diouf had this to say.
“I like it. When I stop, people will still talk about me. Others have stopped, but no one remebers they even played.

“People have a go at me for partying. But I still play well. Others stay in and are rubbish. They should try drinking&partying.”

The Leeds player pundits say will become unforgettable in England if he helps Leeds up to the English Premier League.