P Diddy Involved In Car Crash

Sean Combs, popularly known as P Diddy was yesterday injured in a major car wreck after smashing his Escalade into another vehicle outside the Beverly Hills hotel.

His chauffeured Escalade allegedly collided with a Lexus RX at the Sunset Boulevard entrance of the hotel. Though no one from either vehicle was hospitalized, Sean was found stunned and slumped on the grass after the crash.

Beverly Hills police Lt. Lincoln Hoshino told the AP that he said he would seek his own medical attention and didn’t cite any injuries.

The rapper-mogul took to Instagram Thursday morning, saying “Woah… that was a close one!” Glad to hear Puff is good!

Police insiders told TMZ.com that a report of the accident was taken but no citations were issued.

It is unclear who was at fault, but the parties were reportedly happy no one was badly injured.