UPDATE: Cancer Patient, Debbie Idiagbonya Finally Travels To US For Treatment

Over time, Nigerians have proven to be their brothers keeper; where all hope was lost, we rallied round to give back hope! By our prayers, financial support, visitations and all, Nigerians, irrespective of religion, tribe or sex, came to the aid of Osarere Debbie Idiagbonya, the medical technician who is suffering from 4th grade Invasive Ductal Carcinoma and required about N6 million for surgery.

It is our pleasure to announce that after receiving the available treatment here in Nigeria, Debbie was able to travel out last night to the United States together with her sister for comprehensive medical treatment.

We did it! Ordinary Nigerians! God bless everyone who contributed one way or the other to put a smile back on Debbie’s face. But the battle doesn’t end there as she needs our fervent prayers all through.