57 Make First Class as UNIBEN Prepares for Convocation

As the school prepares for its 38th convocation slated for November 21 and 24, the Senate of the University of Benin (UNIBEN) has approved the results of 8, 863 graduating students to be awarded various diplomas, certificates and degrees of the institution.

This was made known by the vice chancellor of the institution, Professor Godwin Oshodin, who disclosed it while speaking at the new Senate auditorium of the institution. The vice chancellor also added that out of the total number of graduating students, 57 came out with first class; 1, 502 had second class upper division; 3, 765 with second class lower; 838 finished with third class, while five had pass degrees.

In other categories of graduates, there were 72 doctorate degree (Ph.D); 1,080 master’s degree; 226 postgraduate diploma (PGD), among others.

The vice chancellor also added that the convocation lecture would be delivered by Dr Ravindra Shah, Director of International Relations, University of British Colombia and Vancouver, Canada, on November 23. Six newly-completed projects were also outlined to be inaugurated by the visitor to the university, President Goodluck Jonathan, on November 24. There would also be the conferring of honorary doctorate degrees on Captain Idahosa Wells Okunbor and Dr Isa Odibi, a Nigerian based in Canada.


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