Movie Producer Reacts To Alleged Movie On Aluu 4, Says It Is Not About Them

Following the outrage and condemnation that greeted the plan of a popular movie producer to shoot a movie that seemed to portray the unfortunate death of four UNIPORT students in Aluu, Rivers state, the movie producer, Simony Productions has claimed that the movie is not about Aluu 4 as being reported.

Still Shot From A Scene In The Movie

He said Nigerians and the press in particular would have exercised discretion by waiting for the film to be released first before concluding the it was about the unfortunate incident.

According to Simony, “A movie has not been made, and you people [the media] are just jumping into conclusion. You press write too much. Will you conclude [that my film is on Aluu 4] because you see location pictures? What I will want you to do is to wait and let the movie comes out first before assuming the film is about Aluu 4. You are hearing from the horse’s that the movie is not about Aluu 4.”