We now struggle for our survival – Commercial Motor Cycle (“Okada”) Operators

The Chairman of the All Nigerian Autobike Commercial Owners and Workers Association (ANACOWA), Mr. Aliyu Wamba, has described the economic fallout of the ban on the operations of commercial motorcycle, popularly called Okada, on some roads in Lagos State as “terrible.”

According to him, the policy had started to take a heavy toll on the operators. Wamba accused the government of going ahead to enforce the law after it was taken to court over the legislation. He said, “We are now in a very terrible condition, as the law has made us economically incapacitated. We now struggle for our survival and our families are in a very sorry state. The situation is becoming pathetic.

“The enforcement of the law did not follow due process; the task force officials are just doing what they like. The law says if someone breaks any of the rules and is arrested, they should be fined as a first offender; if the act is repeated, they should be fined as a second offender; but if it reoccurs the third time, it is then their vehicle can be impounded.

“What happens now is that once a rider is intercepted, the motorcycle is impounded and taken to the crushing yard. Once the motorcycle is impounded, it is billed for crushing without any trial. Governor Babatunde Fashola had on August 2, 2012 signed the new Lagos Traffic Law, which barred okada operations from 496 roads in the state. Over 3000 motorcycles have been reportedly impounded and crushed for recycling, since the enforcement of the law began.

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  • God will punish those behind this babaric acts. We are not in democratic era, the only weapon remain is to tell God ur problems he will definately listen to you but eschewed violence u know they have fire in their hands be careful.

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