8-year-old Amarachi Nigeria’s Got Talent Winner Relocating Her Family Abroad


She became one of the youngest millionaires in Nigeria after winning the Nigeria’s Got Talent show. The kid’s gift has surely made a way for her as she’s become a child celebrity in her own class, with several agencies, according to her mum already calling to sign her on.

With millions of Naira in the kitty enough to ensure her plans to study abroad come to fruition, Amarachi Uyanne couldn’t have asked for more at 8.

Amarachi started dancing at 5, three years later, dancing has made her millions. “I dance when they are playing music. I like dancing a lot,” She told Vanguard.

Amarachi plans to use part of the money to support the orphans in the society, as well as pay her tithe in church.

At 8, Amarachi says being the first daughter; she’s planning for her siblings. “I am the first daughter. I am planning for my siblings now. I want to fund my education and that of my siblings abroad.”

Amarachi hopes to travel abroad for her secondary education and she’s not going alone, she’s taking her whole family with her.

“I will relocate with her. That’s why I advised her to wait until she completes her primary education. All of us are going to relocate with her,” her proud mother said.

On the next step for her daughter, Mrs Uyanne said, “I know we are going to be getting calls which have already started. That’s why I want to manage her personally. I don’t want any distraction.”


  1. I don’t see any thing wrong in her parents spending the money. She is way too young to handle such amount although it would be wrong if a great percentage is not used to develop her. Relocating abroad is a very fast way to run down the cash.