After Taking Iyanya From Yvonne Nelson, Tonto Dikeh Tells Her To Move On

Yesterday, we reported Tonto Dikeh’s silence with regard to rumours making the rounds that artiste, Iyanya has dumped actress, Yvonne Nelson, for Tonto. Trust Tonto though – she never lets a good scandal go to waste.

The multiple-tattooed winning actress seems to have given us the answer we’re looking for, via Twitter.

Nelson had essentially called Iyanya a deceiver whose only ambition was to date an actress, saying now that he’s through with her he has gone on to the next actress [read Tonto Dikeh].

See Tonto’s reaction below and tell us what you think.

Source: YNaija


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  2. There is no such tin as snatchin Inyanya who was Nelson datin b4 they met & who was he datin 2 maybe Nelson also snatchd Inyanya. Al this stories is buls**t.

  3. Abeg abeg, ppl shuld stop critizn toNto dike, the iyanya too is nt at fault, these thins they do hapen evryday in our life, u hv d right to chose anybdy u like, tonto did nt force d guy, instead d guy saw somthin interestin abt tonto. Is a mata of choice. But if i hv to chose btw tonto and vyonne, i will go 4 vyonne, n if i hv vyonne already, i wuld nt go 4 tonto dike. This is just my choice

  4. D both gurls r pretty, just d guy iyanya want em all. D both gurls r my favourite in Movies , wat counts is non of em should throw scandals just keep it moving on , pass it out to everyone fit 4 dshow.

  5. My advice to yvonne nelson men dnt like woman who are too emotional and you look like one to me the earlier you know this the better for even with ur fame you allowed this mumu iyanaya chop ur kpomo that means you have no class any way iyanya cant break tontos heart you know y cus she is wild pls move on and be wiser stop loving men with ur hart but with ur head


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