Army Denies Claims Of Religious Or Ethnic Sentiments In Officers’ Retirements

army logoDespite the reported grumblings emanating from the top echelon of the Nigerian Army especially those affected by the recent retirements, the Army authorities have denied reports and insinuations that it forcefully retired 51 of its officers including Major-General Mohammed .D. Isah, the former commander of the Nigerian Army Corps of Infantry, Jaji.

Addressing journalists in Abuja, the Director of Army Public Relations, Major-General Bolaji Koleoso noted that contrary to speculations that the findings of the board of inquiry on the Jaji bomb blast led to the retirement of major general MD Isah, he disclosed that though the report is ready as it has been concluded, it was yet to be considered by the Army Board.

He also explained that like other officers who were retired, the infantry officer had attained the mandatory 56 years mark for the post of a Major –General who has not been promoted.

He also explained that while the Brigadier-Generals who have attained the age of 54 on their ranks, the Colonels on the other hand have attained the age of 52 years, thereby making them eligible for retirement.

He also added that some of the officers retired voluntarily knowing the age limit on their ranks.

The 51 retired officers include 12 Major-Generals, 25 Brigadier-General and 12 Colonels. In the same vein, the Army had aearlier pproved the promotion of 22 Brigadier Generals to the rank of Major Generals, 37 Colonels to the ramk of Brigadier Generals as well as 91 Lieutenant Colonels to the rank of Colonels.


  1. I thank God for thier lives. They have done thier best to serve the nation Nigeria. For d criticizer,, remember dat nobody s ever perfect. If most of u are entrusted with position u will fail expecially my people from d the eastern part of the country. Wy? Bcos it had for u ibos to love and respect one another, elders, and ur leaders. The only things the Ibos now is Ego. Hurray to the retired sodier hurray!!!!