Don’t Rejoice Yet, Mayas’ 13th Baktun Not Over Till December 24; The World May End Now!

Mayan Calendar
Mayan Calendar

After months of panic, NASA-calling, and for some, party planning, December 21 believed to be the day the world would end passed and the world is still in place.

If you believed what the Mayas said about their calendar’s 13th baktun signifying the end of the world, you may want to still sit tight.

According to German researcher Nikolai Grube, matching modern calendars with Mayan predictions is tricky. He told Spiegel Online that the 13th baktun may not actually be over until December 24.

Nevertheless, Grube emphasizes that whatever the exact date, the end of the baktun – a period of time lasting 144,000 days- represents the end of an era, and not the end of the world. He says the change is comparable to the turn of a millennium.

Grube says further that Mayan artifacts in fact include many references to dates that stem far beyond December 2012.

“You find dates in Mayan texts that are thousands or millions of years into the future,” he told Spiegel Online.

Maybe those who believed but are now rejoicing because 21st has passed should postpone the parties till Christmas day as the world can end even now, if Grube calculations is anything to go by; and for those who never believed, tomorrow is just another day.


  1. Hahaha !!!!!!, Nobody has been given the power to know when the world would come to an END, however gift are given to people to foresee or give vision of certain incident which were yet to happen but nobody on the planet is given the power to know the ” END OF WORLD”. “”The holy Bible has said it Clearly.