JNI, CAN In War Of Words Over Removal Of Jaji Military Commandants

A war of words seem to be brewing between the Jama’atu Nasril Islam, JNI, and the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, over the recent twin suicide bomb attack that rocked the Armed Forces and Command Staff College, AFCSC, Jaji.

Yesterday, JNI rejected the removal of Commandants of  the College, Air Vice-Marshal Adullahi Kure, and the Corps of Infantry, Maj.Gen. Muhammad Isa.

The Islamic organization while condemning their removal, said that their replacement by non- Muslims was suspicious.

In a statement entitled, “The removal of the two Jaji officers” by JNI Secretary- General, Dr. Khalid Abubakar Aliyu, and made available to journalists yesterday, the organisation said the removal of the two officers were “rushed against the nature of military known to be careful in handling sensitive issues of national interest.”

The Defence Headquarters had in a statement on Saturday named Maj.- Gen. K.C. Osuji as the new Commandant of the Nigerian Army Infantry Corps and Air Vice-Marshal E.E. Osim as the new Commandant of the Command and Staff College.

But JNI said the attempt to politicise the security breach along religious and ethnic divides would cripple not only the military but the nation’s security system.

The JNI statement reads: “The fact that the two officers who were swiftly removed were Muslims, and were replaced by two officers who are non-Muslims makes any discerning observer to be suspicious of the motives behind the whole exercise.

“It is our sincere concern to which we make bold to state that any attempt at politicising the issue of security in Nigeria will not only worsen our security situation but will also continue to polarise the military family and the entire security system along religious and ethnic divides, something that would not augur well for the future of our dear nation.

“While reiterating our condemnation of the blasts and emphasising the need for the immediate thorough investigations into the matter, we want to state that the immediate removal of the two officers does not speak well of the military who are hitherto known to be careful and objective in dealing with sensitive issues of national interest.

“We cannot comprehend why the use of two different approaches to addressing the same issue. Nigerians may not understand why the two Jaji officers be removed in connection to the blasts even before any proper investigation, while no immediate posting out could follow the bombings at the 1 Mechanised Division and the Police Headquarters which preceded it.”

But the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, in 19 northern states and Abuja, yesterday called on President Goodluck Jonathan and the military authorities to disregard the JNI’s stand on the removal of commandants over the blasts that killed 15 Christian worshippers.

The Northern CAN’s Public Relations Officer, Mr. Sunday Oibe, blamed JNI for dragging religion into the ongoing war against terrorism.

CAN said: “If truly the respected Muslim organisation, Jama’atu Nasril Islam, JNI, said the removal of Jaji military commandants has religious motive is unfortunate because we should not drag religion into the security situation in this country.

“When former Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, Charles Soludo, tenure ended who is in charge now, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi? Who is the Inspector- General of Police now? Is it not Mohammed Abubakar?”

CAN added that the JNI statement on the removal of Jaji commandants was divisionary because the same group said that Boko Haram was not a religious group.

CAN, however, called on security agencies to monitor religious leaders closely.

“Those military officers posted to Jaji are they not qualified? President Goodluck Jonathan, the military should not be distracted in their efforts to end Boko Haram.

“Christians are being killed on daily basis that does not disturb JNI. JNI should tell Nigerians if they are behind Jaji military church blast if not they should focus on their religious activities for the good of humanity rather than telling military what to do,” CAN stated.


  1. CAN; heating up the polity as usual. CAN are like the zionists, cry-baby, using systematic means to christianize Nigeria while still blaming muslims. Why can’t CAN approach anything with reason and common sense? Except through defense and argument?

  2. ℓ̊ wonder why the JNI wuld want to interfere in dis issue there by making a security issue to be a religious issue,ℓ̊ guess nobody ever complained all this while that the serving military men were Muslims. ℓ̊ wonder what is S̶̲̥̅ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ special about the religion of the said military men. Both CAN nd JNI should pls compounding the problems of our country and also bringing more problems in our country.

  3. Its quiet simple GEJ listens to the last advice not the right advice and its really something we should look into. Why not replace one and let it be both muslim and christains why the two. What are you trying to do?. Dear brothers and sisters. I can’t wrap my thought around it but I guess something is fishing

  4. why is JNI shouting because two comamders are repaced for ineficiency, and they keep mute while thousands are being killed daily in nigeria. THE JNI DID NOT CONDEM THE JAJI CHURCH BOMBING ISLAMIST FUNDAMENTALIST. when dozens of christians were killd. funny why don’t you remove your masks and come out to negotiate for your nothern nigeria.

  5. Every sane person know by now that JNI is a Pro Terrorism organisation. They’re always quick to rise in defence of terrorist. They should shut their stinking mouths and go back to knocking their heads 4 their looser Idol called ‘Allah’. Nitwits.

  6. JNI or what are u called i believe u all in d name of islam are fools and will all die by sword of mourder. I wonder y ppl are convertin 2b cults….
    Hmmm i pity all that are in islam.
    If possible,in all nigeria,if not a yoruba islam,no oda islam shud b given any force post,because they are usin it 2commit atrosity.

  7. ALLAH See me oh! Why can’t 2 or even all Muslim or Christian or Pagan or Gay or Lesbian terrorists in the Nigerian Armed forces, Police, National Assembly, CBN, NLC, Mosques, Churches or Shrines be removed to save innocent lives. Let all removed terrorists be drafted to guard LGA Chairmen or JNI officials or employed as direct labour to construct prisons. I suspect the aim of these terrorists leaders is becoming clearer-attack North, dis stabilize the army, police, attack South and take over Nigeria! It can not happen. With Goodluck/OBJ/PDP/LP/APGA no shaking, just keep watching/caging ATIKU, IBB, BUHARI, SANUSI, TINUBU, FASHOLA, AMAECHI,IBORI, DANGOTE, and all Nigerians above 45yrs who has more than N10million in any one bank private saving account in Nigeria or more than $1m in any foreign saving bank accounts. Nollywood girls and boys can be hired to catch them especially ATIKU/IBB who likes girls/boys alot.

  8. Are u pro Bo_KoHarams listening to urselves at all? Wen dis 2 muslims ar given d posts did u see any xtian complain? Now they are fired of incompetency then u ar taking it to be religious issue. That’s babaric!

  9. This Islamic leaders should behave and talk responsibly Becos Nigerians are loosing patience over this religion of peace that is propagated with threats and shameless violence. The wrath of Nigerian may soon come on them. Whoever told these Alfa that the military is a religious organization. Just as Nigeria is a secular state. By now it should be clear to any follower of islam that you are on the wrong path and should withdraw WILLINGLY!! without threat to ur life shame!!!

  10. Adenike u are right its a calculated and organized way to sideline muslims. Most of the attackers caught are xtiens and their sponsors too. All the time these attacks are caused by rivalry and greed displayed by the so called churches. Also some are conspiracies against islam organixed by a x tien govt. In d past who ever heard of such actions from govt.