Koko Concert: Hopes Dashed…Photos Of Trekking Celebs

D'banj and Big Sean before the Koko concert
D’banj and Big Sean before the Koko concert

D’banj and Big Sean felt the cool breeze of Lagos riding in his Aston Martin Convertible…looking forward to a wonderful show.

Things didn’t turn out as planned though, well, according to people with high hopes before the show.

“The first of many problems was the distance from the Eko Atlantic entrance to the venue of the show – all of 20km. While cars were getting stuck in the sandy ground and traffic was building up, eager fans decided to walk the distance hoping that their ‘endurance trek’ would be compensated with a good show…During the show, popular OAP Matse of Nigeria Info 99.3 commented on Instagram ‘At the Koko Concert. I swear getting a regular ticket is far better than VIP and VVIP. #KokoConcert #2012’,” NET reports.

The show wasn’t totally a bad one though, but it sure didn’t live up to people’s expectation

Denrele's Koko Concert Endurance Trek
Denrele’s Koko Concert Endurance Trek

...Rukky Sanda too
…Rukky Sanda too