Tunde Leaves STYL-Plus

peace out...
peace out…

Reports say Tunde of the R&B group Styl Plus has left the group.

The R&B group had not been able to attain the success achieved by their debut album that contains songs that will be forever green in many hearts.

Despite the travails, the group has managed to stay together, releasing a song to debunk rumours of a break-up after four years of being together, each of the members singing lines that they remain faithful to the group, but the break-up has started as Tunde’s decision to leave will definitely leave a big hole in the group which naturally would encourage other members to try their luck in solo careers.

If the reports are anything to go by, Tunde has rebranded himself as NativeBoy, and has recorded several songs under his own record label B.A.T. Records.

As much as Tunde will be sorely missed if Shifi and Zeal decides to continue with the group, his departure won’t come as a big shock. Tunde won’t be the first member the group would lose. Lanre was lost to death in 1999, while Yemi left the group in 2002.

In 1999, the group which started in 1997 consisting of Tunde Akinsanmi, Shifi Emoefe, Yemi Akinwonmi, and Lanre Faneyi which was then called STYL lost a member, Lanre Faneyi who died, paving the way for Zeal Onyecheme to join, and the name of the group changed to STYL-Plus. Yemi left in 2002 and the remaining three members of the group launched the group’s label STYL-PLUS in 2003.

Tunde, Zeal, Shifi
Tunde, Zeal, Shifi

Tunde, Shifi, and Zeal were dubbed Africa’s Boyz II Men after their first album Expressions, which featured several chart-toppers.

Tunde’s decision to go solo may not be unconnected to his unbridled passion for music which other members of the group may not share the way he’d have loved.

Sources who studied in the same university with members of the group who all studied at Federal University of Technology, Akure say Tunde is the one really passionate about music; Shifi played more of basketball, while Zeal was just a fine boy with a nice voice, although they were all members of the Rhema Campus fellowship choir.

Tunde may be tired of not working hard enough as some of their fans have suggested when asked why they think the group might have gone down, so to say.

Going solo may be the best thing for his career. Of course, if he had always wanted this, I believe he’s waited enough.