50 Cents: Rick Ross Shooting Was “Staged”

Maybach Music Group ringleader Rick Ross, on Sunday, barely escaped with his life, when shots were fired as he was driving his car into a Fort. Lauderdale apartment building.


But now rapper 50 Cent, who is also Ricky Rozay’s rival, is saying it was all a hoax. While the duo have a longstanding beef, 50 Cent says that since there were no bullet holes in the vehicle, that it was all fake.

“Hahaha fat boy hit the building?lol it looks staged to me. No hole’s in da car http://instagr.am/p/VCHWuPML2G/” 50 Cent tweeted.

“hahaha that boy was spooked. I ride like OBAMA level 6 built proof, bomb proof,you already know. #SMSaudio,” 50 Cent added a few hours later.

According to Fort Lauderdale police “dozens” of shots were fired at the vehicle, none of which hit the Rolls Royce.

Several buildings in the area were also struck by gunfire.