Four Women Found Shot Dead In US Apartment, 3-Year-Old Witness Unharmed

The Tulsa apartment where four women were found shot dead
The Tulsa apartment where four women were found shot dead

Four women were found shot dead in a south Tulsa apartment Monday afternoon.

Tulsa Police got a 911 call shortly after 12:30 p.m. about four people found dead at the Fairmont Terrace Apartments in the 5800 block of South Owasso.

Tulsa, the second-largest city in the US state of Oklahoma hasn’t had a quadruple murder since 1992. This one is made even rarer, because there is a live witness; a 3-year-old boy, who was taken into protective custody. Police say he was not hurt.

Specially trained workers will conduct a forensic interview to see what he knows about what happened inside that apartment.

Four young women murdered in one place, at one time—this type of crime is extremely rare in the city of Tulsa. And police said it appeared it hadn’t been that long since they’d been killed when they were found.

“It’s believed the individuals had been found within an hour of being alive,” said Officer Leland Ashley.

A friend had gone by the apartment to check on the girls and discovered them dead and found the 3-year-old boy inside with them.

“You could imagine what this child is going through at this time,” Ashley said.

Neighbours Jack and Lindsey are parents of a little one and live just across the parking lot from the apartment where the murders happened.

They, like most people we talked to, didn’t hear any gunshots or squealing tires or anything else suspicious.

Lindsay said she cried when she heard the news.

“Four girls, four girls,” she said.

They said something like this makes them think of moving, but they realize it could happen anywhere, plus there is security at the entrance.

“They’re actually really good at what they do, but you can’t stop everybody from coming in, going to do stuff,” Jack said.

What police need now, to solve this case quickly so everyone can sleep better, is information.

“We would like to think if someone has information, they will come forward,” Ashley said. “It’ll touch someone’s heart to come forward. Very tragic to have four lives lost one day at the same scene. It’s very gut-wrenching.”

Officers from many different units, including the fugitive and gang units, have been called in to assist with the investigation and they’ll be working around the clock, trying to track down a suspect. [newson6]