Lady Gaga At It Again, Wears Shocking Bra On Stage, Causes Controversy

Lady Gaga is known for her outlandish outfits and is no stranger to controversy. But when Gaga wears a gun bra on stage, you know she’s got publicity in her sites.

Lady Gaga wearing a gun bra on Friday at a show in Vancouver
Lady Gaga wearing a gun bra on Friday at a show in Vancouver

Gaga wore the gun bra at a show in Vancouver on Friday, and it seems to be a prop from her Rolling Stone cover shoot from 2010. But Gaga’s gun bra certainly takes on a different meaning these days in the United States, with mass shootings dominating the news and President Obama expected to enact new gun legislation in his second term.

Of course, knowing Gaga wears a gun bra is about as surprising as her meat dress, or any one of 1,000 other crazy outfits she’s sported during her career. And the gun bra wasn’t the only ridiculous outfit in Vancouver; Gaga also wore latex pants split right down the crack of her buttocks.

Artistes are usually very sensitive people, so Gaga must have known it’s not so cool wearing a gun bra right about now…well except she’s one of the folks who want guns to stay. Her gun bra has sparked controversy in America with many slating the pop star for her action. [Vibe]


  1. She does all her things with fun, would dat Bra really automatically changed 2 gun? Capital no, if really American want 2 stop pple frm buyin guns, they knw wher n how this guns are produced. One Luv Lady Gaga. Cheers