Nollywood Again!!! Actor, Muyiwa Ademola Involved In Road Accident

A report written by popular blogger, Sheifunmi, says Muyiwa Ademola, a Nollywood actor, who features mostly in Yoruba movies, was involved in a serious road accident, as 2012 was ending.


According to the MTV presenter, “In other news, another Yoruba actor Muyiwa Ademola was also involved in another accident on December 30,2012, he is injured and receiving treatment.”


    • Olubunmi, where exactly did the word “fatally” was used in this blog. You need to be sure of what you are saying making your comments. I stand to be corrected.

  1. Nofing will happen τ̅☺ Ў☺ΰ dear by his power Ў☺ΰ ar heal so stand oN ur feet nd say τ̅☺ dem dat nipa ife olugbala ki yoo si nkan iwo ki yo ku ikukiku kan bi ko se yiye.

  2. How can someone fatally injured be receiving treatment.. Its high time editors and nigerian journalist start learning their trade properly. This is unacceptable.

  3. God will give u quick recovery. U’ll surely fulfil ur days, nothing will cut u short.
    Don’t neglet God and his love for u ever since u were born till now, hold on to Christ d author and finisher of ur life. If u ask HIM to come to ur life now, He’ll grant u quick recovery cos by HIS stripes u’re healed.

  4. May Almighty Allah give him quit recovering and to Bisi RIP wishing aljanah fidahu and to Toyin congrate girl May almighty Allah bless the union

  5. I wish him soonest recovery and for the journalists, i recommend u guyz be very heedful concerning shocking tales u unveil. It was gastly not fatal!

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    • He sent the Word and heel their sickness Ademola i speak the word of Jesus christ stand and from your sick bed and continue with your career it is well with you.

  7. jesus is d lord dat healeth thee, muyiwa Ademola, I speak healing into ur life in jesus nane… Get up!!! IJN (Amen)

  8. Muyiwa Ademola listen to me whereever u are,by d stripes on Jesus’ body we are heal,so therefore u are healed in Jesus’ name.U shl nt die but live.U shl respond to treatment ensconcely nd speedily.

  9. Oh lord heal muyiwa ademola for the sake of Jesus Christ…No evil shall befall ur family and little obakeye shall not lose you in Jesus’ Name

  10. May g lord of heaven perfect ur healing.Dr.Jesus will grant u quick recovery by His mercy.U shall not die but live 2 declare d wrk of d lord.FEAR NOT 4 GOD IS WITH U AND UR VICTORY IS SURE in Jesus Name.Amen……….!!!.

  11. May god grant u quick recovery u wl nt die ur parent,family,relative,wife,children,frinedz n wellwishers wl nt mourn on u anybody dt say u wll die b4 u amen!! I declare n decree by d power confirmed by m i join mysef wt d lord father n of d son n of d holyspirit i dip my mouth into d blood of jesus flowin in d calvary dt Muyiwa Ademola wl nt die!!!

  12. That accident is not 4 ur death, but for the glory of GOD. Untimely death is ur portion cos u a God sent to many homes to less their unpleasant mood. U ar healled IJN

  13. You shall nt die bt live 2 declare d works of God in d land of d living forever… U r healed in Jesus name… Quick recovery.

  14. Brother muyiwa u shall not die but surely recover and live bcos it is written dat u will not die but live to mnifest the glory of the lord. Amen. Pls sir i want to be like u sir u can flash me with ur number sir on 08143338602 or 08136022453

  15. U are GD creator u shall not die but live long, death is no ur portion u will live but heal in almighty Allah


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