65 Pastors Told Me To Marry Foluke Daramola’ – New Husband, Kayode Salako Claims


The rumour of their love story started like a child’s play last year, and the whole story went round town that the sultry actress, Foluke Daramola, who divorced her ex-husband few years back, was in the process of destroying a marriage.

photoFoluke had denied dating the Lagos big boy, Kayode Salako, who heads a group of schools and deals in property, maintaining that they were only business partners.

But the story appears to have changed and the two love birds have solemnized their relationship with a traditional marriage on February 15, 2013.

Kayode, who has vowed to live with the well-endowed actress till death do them apart, revealed in an interview he granted us recently that 17 years ago, even before he met his first wife at all, a prophet from the Cherubim and Seraphim (C&S) Church in Mafoluku area of Lagos prayed for him and told him that in the journey of his life, he was going to come across one woman. “He told me he didn’t know if I was going to marry her or not, but that what would make me know when I come across the woman are two things; the way I would feel about her and that I was going to meet her with two children; one boy and a girl. He said that, when I meet her, that is when the story of my life would change and God would start re-writing my fate and that the woman is the woman of my destiny and that the two of us would travel, we would be very close, we would have a bond and travel on a journey of life, which would fetch us a lot of greatness and beautiful testimonies, since the day I received the vision, I had been looking forward to the woman I would meet like that.

I have never met a woman with a boy and a girl until I met Foluke Daramola and when I met her, I went back to ask if she was the one and over 65 pastors said that she is the one. Can 65 men of God, people that God talks to be wrong, I went to Cotonou, I went to Benin Republic, I traveled out of Lagos State to go and find out whether Foluke was the woman of my destiny and when I asked who she would be, everybody told me she is my wife that I should go and marry her and that I should not allow anybody to discourage me from marrying her,” he revealed.

Kayode whose wife of 13 years has since left the house with their three boys maintained that his wife did not leave the house because of Foluke Daramola.

‘My wife that left was just being foolish and I will continue to tell the whole world that my former wife did not leave me because of Foluke Daramola because the question anybody should ask her is did I bring Foluke Daramola to her house, did she catch me on Foluke Daramola, did she catch us kissing and romancing, did I impregnate her, did I marry her before she left the house. Why should an established married woman pack her things and leave the house for a girlfriend to come and live if that woman is not foolish. I never planned to marry Foluke Daramola, we were just friends, we just discovered that we appreciated our companionship, anytime the two of us were around each other, we always enjoyed it, so we became very good friends, I am the one that told Bukola at home about my friendship with Foluke Daramola, she did not know anything about her, I was the one that told her that I just met an actress, who had agreed to be my friend and work with me on my project; Change Agent of Nigeria Network (CANN).’

He said that his decision to marry Foluke Daramola is not his own, that it is a decision of God.

‘What I got married to in her is the fact that God convinced the two of us and our parents, that is why everybody was in support. On our wedding day, everybody that matters in her family and in my family was present to show approval. Her parents are in support and they are all committed to it. Foluke Daramola’s mother is a reverend and a member of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry (MFM). She wouldn’t have supported her daughter to break another man’s home to marry him. She herself got the conviction; my father too got the conviction. What I got married to in Foluke Daramola was the conviction. What I went to engage in her family house on February 15, 2013 was more of the conviction than Foluke Daramola. If it were about Foluke, I don’t think I need a wife hurriedly, a woman, one ‘wahala’ just left my house, I don’t think getting married to another woman should be the paramount item on my agenda, I should have given myself enough time to sort out the issue of my life before going into another woman’s palaver,’ he stated.

Kayode, who said he feels comfortable around Foluke said that one man one woman mentality in marriage is a culture of the western people, ‘it is not Biblical, I am going to establish that to the whole world, let anybody challenge me about it. Jesus Christ came into this world, he never talked about marriage, he never preached about marriage, he never slept with any woman, he never got married, he didn’t have a child, which means marriage is not a criterion to get to heaven. Marriage was created for companionship, just for the man or woman not to be alone, so if a man prefers to build his own companionship around five women, so be it. In Africa, a man is allowed to marry more than one woman, I am an African, if I prefer to marry more than one wife, so be it, but I never planned to marry more than one wife because one woman, one trouble.’

Love struck Kayode maintained that Foluke Daramola is the one that has given him the kind of experience that has been very deep, adding that he is an emotional person, who likes to express himself emotionally and ‘since I met Foluke, I have been over-expressing it around her. The way I feel around Foluke is a conviction that she is my wife. She is a woman God created to be my wife and that is why she does not have a choice. Foluke Daramola will always marry me again, again and again. My love story with her is orchestrated by God, the way I feel about her is the way she feels about me, it has been so refreshing, so deep and we express it lavishly to each other. Every characteristic of Foluke Daramola is the same with mine. Anything Foluke can do is what I can do; the two of us are more than 1,000% compatible. What she likes, I like and what she doesn’t like are what I don’t like; what she likes doing are what I like doing, the kind of food she likes are what I like. ‘

Asked if they would be getting married in the church soon, Kayode said; “Definitely, our white wedding shall be coming up when the coast is clear for us to do so, for now, we are traditionally engaged and that is the most important aspect of any wedding ceremony in Africa, I have gone to her house to marry her. Before the western culture came, the only form of marriage we knew was the one we had, to our culture, to our people, it is the best kind of marriage and that is what we have done, which has confirmed the two of us as husband and wife, so she is no longer Foluke Daramola, she is Foluke Daramola-Salako. Our wedding ceremony will come up once the coast is clear, we came from two marital experiences and we have to be sure that we can engage ourselves in the western way again, but we are planning it.”

Another surprising revelation from Kayode is that he was never traditionally or legally married to his estranged wife, adding that he had not been properly married to any woman until he met Foluke Daramola.

“The woman that left my life was not properly married to me, that is why it seems her family members did not recognize me as her husband, that is why they did not intervene and they have not intervened in our issue, everybody that I expected to come in has kept quiet so far, they are staying away, they are not intervening, may be because I did not do traditional wedding with her, may be because I did not pay her bride price, or I didn’t do what I did with Foluke Daramola, may be that is why they left the two of us to our problems. What custom and tradition expect is that the parents of the two of us should meet and see whether there could be a solution to the problem. But as I am talking to you, everybody in my wife’s family has kept quiet. That is the same thing I didn’t want to do in Foluke’s issue, Foluke had been living with me for 30 days before we decided to be engaged, I talked to myself that if I should be living with Foluke Daramola again and I didn’t do what I suppose to do on her traditionally, if any issue comes up again, the same thing might happen. I didn’t want to make the same mistake I made with Bukola Olukoya with Foluke Daramola.”

He however said that that he is in constant touch with his three children, whose school fees he still pays and that he sends money to them on a regular basis.

“Anytime their mother needs money for them, she calls me and I send within the capacity of what I can afford because I cannot steal. In December, I still took my boys out, gave them good money, they still see me, we talk on the phone everyday. The only thing that will not happen is for anybody to make me to leave Foluke Daramola, anybody that wants me to leave her is my enemy, I will run away from that person,” he said.

Kayoed is also planning to have two or three more children with Foluke Daramola, possibly a set of twins. He disclosed that they have both agreed to make the five children from their previous unions as their children, without changing their names.

“If tomorrow, my children come to my house to stay with me, Foluke will accept them with open hands, she has vowed to accept them as her biological children and I have also accepted her two children as my own children. What if I don’t have a child and I have to go and adopt, so I have adopted her children, the only thing we cannot do is to change their names. Their liabilities are my liabilities and their responsibilities are my responsibilities, if anybody says I’m a fool, the person should leave me alone. Do you know the child that will bury you, do you know the child that will stay with you and bury you. Do you know the child that will take care of you when you grow up, take care of the children first and let God decide who amongst them would take care of you and if all of them come around you, it’s your luck. However, we are planning to have two or three more children together, if possible, a set of twins,” he said.

Source: Yemoja


  1. Dis man is having sum mental issues… I wonder wat kind of a man of God would advise u to live ur wife & take another, the bible is clear on the issue of marriage, its for 1 man & 1 woman till death do them part, God did not create Adam & Steve, neither did he create Adam, Eve & Mary but Adam & Eve, Mark 10:6 “but from the beginning of creation God made them Male & Female.
    for this cause shall a man leave his father & mother & cleave unto his wife;
    & they twain shall b 1 flesh: so then they r no more twain, but 1 flesh.
    U & ur useless pastors are lies, God is not an author of confusion, the bible cannot contradict itself, God cannot ask u to marry, divorce & remarry.

    Matthew 5:32 says “but I say unto you, that whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: & whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery.”

    u & ur Juju fake Pastors, dn’t u see all this in the bible? That is how all of u use d bible to support ur selfish desires & lust den u say God called u. Useless pple…

  2. I don’t care if a million pastors/prophets told u that, dude they were all wrong. Where were they b4 u met & married ur 1st wife. know dis, u are living in adultery. Better go back to ur wife.

  3. Dn’t mind d idiot, deceive ya self! I pity dt girl cos dos his Pastors wld soon give him another prophecy.

    Like Chris Okotie like members… I’m sure Chris is one of dos Pastors.

  4. Think about what you have done before it is late,no man of God will ever ask you to divorce your wife for another woman,anyway to say the fact, what you have done was totally wrong,foluke daramola love is still killing you,you will still live to regret all the step you had took

  5. You are both living in fools paradise,what now happens to ur first wife?since the pastors Told you the prophecy before you got married at all,you shld av waited foe that so called ‘mother of two’ to surface before getting married raither than hurting you Original wife this deeply.God will judge you two.

  6. Mr. Lover boy wonder why u are trying to justify your act. Jesus spoke about marriage, please check Mark 10: 1 – 12 to see what Jesus said about marriage. Get other excuses for your act stop the blasphemy

  7. Now u are drunk wit lust,folukes parent may not have agreed wit both of you.u are funtuating in your discourse.ur pastors got money from u or frame your idiot confirmation.remain ur Africa and marry 24 wives.leave the golden road 4 a better man to pass

  8. Dis man is not a xtian; he said dat African culture has allowed ppl to tak more than 1 wife. So he’s a humanist. But wat fascinated me is the fact dat a prophet prophesied to him about how to meet his destined wife!

  9. Well, lets wait and see as you and foluke make greatness. Your children are not well taken care of. You have been bewitched. Watching your back ! You are 1000% compatible is an understatement you should have said that you are 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% infinity compatible. Fool!

  10. this man is seriously sick. Madam foluke pls becareful o cos another prophet will soon c a vision of a woman with three kids, one boy the other two girls.

  11. U guys ar all wrong,judging d man from ur own perspective,he could hav his reasons 4 lovin foluke,meanwhile u neva can tel y his ex wife left his house.WISH U LUCK BRO!


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