Eagles Will Triumph Over The Elephants Of Cote d’Ivoire – Keshi

Super Eagles’ coach, Stephen Keshi, has assured Nigerians that his wards will beat the Elephants of Cote d’ Ivoire.

Both West African sides will trade tackles in the quarterfinals in Rustenburg at the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa on Sunday, 3rd February.

Keshi said report of fans back home expressing fear in the ability of the Eagles’ to soar over the Elephants is unnecessary and unfounded.

Expressing his confidence in the team, Keshi said,“If you must win a trophy you must beat the biggest and best teams, so why should we be afraid of any team?

“The bigger they come the bigger they will fall. Who told you that if it was to be the Hawks of Togo it will be a walk-over?

“There is no small team anywhere and the Ivorians know. It’s a classic match and we’ll show why we are the Super Eagles on Sunday,” said the former Nigerian defender.

Keshi said the spirit in camp has been very good so far and all the 23 players in the squad are all healthy and ready to give their best.

“Nigerians should just be praying for the team and have belief in them instead of expressing fear because on Sunday it will be 11 players from Ivory Coast against the same number from Nigeria,” he said