‘The Office Of The First Lady Is In The President’s Bedroom’ – Senators React To N4bn Office For First Ladies Mission

Patience-JonathanSenators on Thursday, rejected a proposal by the Federal Capital Territory Administration to spend N4 billion to build the First Ladies Mission office complex in Abuja in 2013.

The proposal is contained in the FCTA’s N253 billion budget for 2013, which came up for second reading in the Senate.

The African First Ladies Peace Mission, a non-governmental organisation, which is headed by First Lady Patience Jonathan who was re-elected as its president in July last year, is locked in a court battle with former first lady, Turai Yar’Adua over the ownership of an 18,000-square-meters land in the Central Area of Abuja, on which the AFLPM headquarters is to be built.

Senators who spoke during a debate on the budget described the proposal to spend such an amount as scandalous.

Deputy Senate Leader Abdul Ningi (PDP, Bauchi Central), who stressed the illegality of the First Lady’s office itself, said the proposal was ridiculous in a country in need of development projects.

Senator Babajide Omoworare (ACN, Osun East) in his arguement was even more vocal as he said it would be embarrassing for the Senate to approve the money as the office of the First Lady is not known to the 1999 Constitution.

“The N4 billion proposed for the construction of the first ladies mission office is scandalous. It is a misplacement of priority. Even in the United States of America and the United Kingdom, there is nothing like first ladies mission building. This money can be used for projects that could impact positively on the lives of Nigerians,” he said.

Senator Babafemi Ojudu (ACN, Ekiti Central) said the Senate could incur the wrath of the public if it appropriates the money for the construction of the mission building.

“I’m worried that we can be voting N4 billion for the construction of the said first ladies mission building in a nation where millions of youths are roaming the streets without jobs, and infrastructure decaying. I hope this doesn’t get to the public, otherwise all of us in this chamber would be castigated,” he said.

“The office of the First Lady is in the president’s bedroom. The office is not known to law. Nigerians would be angrier with us if we appropriate the money. Already, on social media, Nigerians are cursing us, calling us thieves and all sorts of negative names. That shows the way our people feel about the leadership of this country.

“Recently, the Federal Government released only N1 billion each to some universities that are expected to train our youths who are the future leaders of this country, but now a whole sum of N4 billion is being proposed for the construction of the first ladies mission office which is of no developmental value to the nation. N4 billion? It appears we have lost sense of money” he lamented.



  1. I think its misplaced use of funds. If the NGO is truly an African peace mission they should also canvass for funds from other first ladies’ countries as well. Senator Babajide Omoworare’s comment that the office of the first lady is in the bedroom is uncalled for. There are a number of projects that have benefited from having the first lady programmes intervene.

  2. the problem we hav in nigeria is nigerians.God judge us according to our behavious and charracter.quote me, huricane may occure in America,tsulami in china,Earthquake in japan but noting we apen to nigeria.why? Cos God is stil using our general charracter to judge us.we are the problem of our country.we dont need to find solution to nigeria problem but solution and wayout to nigerians problems.our first lady want 4 billion naira for the construction of her office.hmmm

  3. I knew frm d onset that this GEJ administration will only bring ill-luck to d country. Meanwhil, Baba Obj had good intention by bringing him inn bt it never occurs to Baba Obj dat dis GEJ will turnout as an unfortunate child, Baba should have prayed or ask Men of God abt GEJ future before vouching him as d President. Now the implications are; the nations has been stripped opened for corruption for whosoever cares to steal n loots should do so in quantum. Otherwise, how on earth will any unwanted element called 1st Lady now parading her self as another corruption subheads? Who knows her, child u can’t bears 1, health u’re on 2go, constitutional wise u have no stake, so where is ur place in dis nation? ‘Ole’ hubby n wify evil breeds of Bayelsa, calamities await both of u 1st, b4 ur beneficiaries in the office of corruption. IJN. Amen.

  4. This is unresnable at all. Expecially in a country like our’s where masses are suffring and there in insecurity everywhere. Please how much have we spent on bumb detector, people are dying in hundreds and there are someny graduate roaming around without any job. I think if the first lady need such project she should please look for the money somewhere else and let us set our priority right.

  5. Our leaders at the national assembly need to be guided on the use of words especially when u know you are watched and listened to by d piblic. I wished for a Senate that can argue issues intelligently rather than fan the ambers of sentiments in a democracy that is still trying to find its feet.
    Firstly the project in question is the Secretariat of the African First Ladies Forum and not office of the first Lady as insinuated. If FCT has decided to play host to this body they need to be adviced on how to go about sourcing funds for the project instead of laying the burden on the nation. The various nations involved for example could contribute towards this project.
    I personally don’t see why men described as distinguished and honourable will seek to use this to cast aspersions on the highest office in the land and the wife of the president and still call themselves honourable and cosequently wiping up sentiments and misguiding the public.
    I pray God some day we have matured and and indeed honourable men in that house who truely know what leadership means.