Jonathan Did Not Sign Any Agreement With PDP Governors – Presidency

goodluck-jonathan1-670x1012The presidency has denied comments attributed to Niger State governor, Babangida Aliyu that governors under the platform of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, signed an agreement with President Goodluck Jonathan prior to the 2011 presidential elections that he would only run for a single term.

Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters, Dr. Ahmed Gulak, made the presidency’s position known in Abuja.

According to Gulak, Jonathan did not sign any agreement with anyone. He advised the Niger state governor who is rumoured to be nursing a presidential ambition to go about his pursuit without making what he called “frivolous allegations” against the President.

He said, “President Goodluck Jonathan did not win the presidential election in Governor Aliyu’s state, Niger.

“Anybody who has a presidential ambition, it is such a person’s constitutional right to have ambition.

“He should however go about his ambition without coming up with frivolous allegations.

“President Jonathan did not sign such an agreement with anybody to the best of my knowledge.

“The alleged agreement only exists in the figment of the imagination of somebody with presidential ambition” Gulak stated.


    • Who is this person talking about bloody revolution, I belief he has never witness what bloody revolution is all about ???. I am not a politician but I hate such statement from so-called citizen of Nigeria, & I advise people closer to him to call him to order, however the president is so soft that everyone are making Silly statements about the great Country & Masses.

  1. Ahmed Gulak. You were not there in the build up to GEJ being president. You were drafted in to come and chop. Nobody will take this your comments seriously. Nobody comes to power without agreements and concessions. Those who made concessions are talking, even you are talking. You were nt even elected. You are just a political appointee. Just shut up

  2. Jonathan has the right to contest in 2015 if he desires and he will win. No matter the ethnic colouration and sentiments against his regime, God that lifted him up will always stand by him. He has done significantly well in 2yrs. Don’t try God pls.