London Police ‘Accuse Nigerian Of Pouring Acid On Self’


Police in the United Kingdom are looking at whether the appalling injuries suffered by a Nigerian acid-burn victim may have been self-inflicted.

Naomi Oni, 20, sparked a UK-wide fundraising appeal after she was left scarred for life in an apparently random acid attack. But officers are now said to be considering the possibility Oni did it herself after they discovered she had researched acid attacks online before she was maimed at the end of last year.

They are examining her laptop computer amid reports she looked up information on Katie Piper, the former model who has campaigned for facial disfigurement victims since she was scarred in an acid attack in 2008. Victoria’s Secret shop assistant Naomi claims a woman in a niqab threw the unidentified liquid over her as she walked home in Dagenham, east London, on December 30.

She suffered full thickness burns to her face, arm, hand and leg and was blinded for two days. After spending nearly a month in hospital, she made an emotional plea for her alleged attacker to come forward. Naomi said: “I just want this person to come forward. How can they sleep at night knowing they have done this?

“I have stopped hating them. I just feel sorry for them and I wonder what’s going on in their life to want to make someone else suffer like that.”

But detectives have quizzed her family members on whether Oni could have hurt herself. Naomi’s law student student boyfriend Ato Owede, 23, said: “The police are not doing enough to catch the person. “I think they did ask her mum if she did this herself — that’s just crazy. They need to keep on investigating.

“They’re concentrating on the wrong things at the moment in terms of her researching acid attacks and stuff like that. “They are just coming to a silly conclusion.”

She previously told The Sun: “The police haven’t been able to find anyone — they even asked my aunt if I had done it to myself, which really upset me. “Why would anyone do this to themselves?” She also appeared on ITV’s This Morning and has signed deal for another interview with Take a Break magazine.

The Met Police confirmed they had seized a number of items from Oni and said they were following a number of lines of inquiry. A spokesman said: “Inquiries are ongoing. “A number of items have been seized during the course of the investigation and they are being examined as part of ongoing inquiries.”

Source: The Nation