Man Dumps Horse Manure Into Cheating Wife’s Convertible


Being caught cheating can be stinky. One man dumped a huge load of horse manure into his wife’s convertible after he found her on a dating website. 

The husband sat down at the family computer to check his email. He found that his wife had left her email account open, so he snooped around.

He found an email from a dating site called The curious husband opened the email and clicked on the link.

There it was! His wife Becky’s profile along with a picture of her sitting on her horse. Interesting enough her status was listed as “married.”

The husband, scrolled down to the profile which read: “I have a confession to make. My husband does not know that I’m on here.” Oh well he does know now. “We’ve been married five years and he is a complete idiot and crazy. I love two things in my life, my horse and my convertible Peugeot,” the profile reads.

The husband, decided to take revenge were it would hurt her most. He took horse manure from her favorite horse and he dumped it into her favorite convertible Peugeot. Then he left her a note and he dumped her.