Man Sleeps With Dead Woman, Hands Himself To Police To Be Arrested


Police have arrested a 32-year-old male domestic worker after he allegedly killed a female workmate and later rap*d the corpse.

The woman was employed as a housemaid and she had turned down his sexual advances. The suspect, Tineyi Chigedhe, Zimbabwe, surrendered himself to the police after allegedly committing the murder and rape.

The incident which has left the Chiwundura community in a state of shock, occurred on Wednesday last week at Nyoka Village under Chief Chiwundura. The deceased woman has been identified as Emily Mkwende (26) who was working with the suspect at a Mr Nyoka’s homestead.

Acting police spokesperson for Midlands Province, Assistant Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko, confirmed the incident yesterday. He could, however, not give further details, saying he was not in office.

“I can confirm that police have arrested a man who is employed as a domestic worker after he allegedly killed a fellow female workmate before he later raped the corpse. I am not in the office to give finer details into the matter,” he said.

A police source close to the investigations said on the fateful day, Chigedhe and the now deceased Mkwende, were left at the house by their employer, only identified as Mr Nyoka as he had traveled. The source said during the night on the same day, Chigedhe proposed love to Mkwende but she turned him down.

“Chigedhe, who could not stomach being turned down, proceeded to make sexual advances at Mkwende but she would thwart his every effort. After failing to convince Mkwende to have sex with him, Chigedhe went on to draw a log from a fowl run and demanded to have sex with Mkwende while threatening to assault her,” said the source.

The source said after Chigedhe realised that Mkwende was not giving in to his demands, he struck her once with the log on the back. He later struck her once on the head after she screamed resulting in her falling to the ground.

“The suspect tried to resuscitate Mkwende by pouring water on her body after she started breathing with difficulty but she died on the spot. Chigedhe then went on to rape Mkwende’s corpse before he covered it with a blanket,” said the source.

The source said Chigedhe was arrested the following morning after he surrendered himself to the police at Muchakata Police Base.

“Chigedhe is still in police custody assisting with investigations. He is however not denying the murder and rape charges he is facing. Police who attended the murder scene found Mkwende’s body with some semen on its private parts and Chigedhe is suspected to have raped the corpse several times,” said the source.



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