Niger State Gov Reveals PDP Governors’ Dirty Little Secret

Muazu-Babangida-Aliyu1The intense power intrigues on the path to 2015 became clearer on Saturday when Governor of Niger State, Babangida Mu’azu Aliyu claimed that governors on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) entered into an agreement with President Goodluck Jonathan to serve a single term of four years.

Aliyu, made the claim in an interview with a Kaduna-based radio station, Liberty FM on Saturday morning.

Aliyu in the interview said PDP governors had a single-term pact with Jonathon.

The self-acclaimed Chief Servant stated that it was on the basis of the said agreement that he and some of his colleagues in the ruling party endorsed Jonathan’s Presidential ambition in 2011.

He said, “What will be, will be in 2015. We must remind people of the promises they have made. When he (Jonathan) was going to declare, governors of PDP were brought together to ensure that we were all in the same frame of mind. Some of us, given the PDP zoning, were expecting that the northern states would produce the President for these number of years but God has done His own.

“At that discussion, it was agreed that President Jonathan would serve one term and we all signed and when he went to Kampala, he said the same thing. But for now, President Jonathan has not declared his candidacy and we must not be speculating based on who those are benefiting from such a thing. I believe that we are all gentlemen enough and when the time comes, we will all sit down and see what the right thing to do is.

“Many people may misunderstand my stance that I pray for the success of the merger of the opposition parties because I want a situation where in this country, parties can really challenge one another. So that we don’t take it for granted that because you have been winning elections, you can do as you wish. There is a purpose for election. There is a purpose for setting up government. You set up government for the competence, effectiveness and efficiency of running an administration. You don’t set it up because of a group of people to keep on enjoying to the detriment of the people” he was quoted as saying.


  1. Things have started opening, we expect more, betrayals betrayals etc. the new party, aspirin or APC is there, very open! Let no one, especially the non performing buch think that we Nigerians are foolish. We know everyone and when the times comes we shall demonstrate it openingly