Okupe Absolves Jonathan Of Yoruba Marginalization, Blames ACN


Following allegations of marginalization and neglect of the South-West levelled against the Jonathan administration by Yoruba elders operating under the aegis of the Yoruba Unity Forum (YUF), Wednesday in Ibadan, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on public affairs, Dr Doyin Okupe has blamed the leadership of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) for the marginalization of Yoruba people; not President Jonathan.

According to him, “the issue of marginalisation of the South-West was a political misadventure and political accident, brought about by the Yoruba themselves. If you would recollect, the Yoruba were supposed to produce the Speaker of the House of Representatives, which is the number four position in Nigeria.”

“But due to the political mishandling of the leadership of the Yoruba and also the sabotage of the Yoruba people by the Yoruba leadership. I am talking about the people in the ACN now. The Yoruba people in the ACN conspired against the Yoruba people and allowed the position to be taken away. That is the beginning of marginalisation.”

“You see, when people sit down to share what is not enough and you don’t have anybody to speak for you, there is a problem” he explained.


  1. Mr Doyin Okupe happened to be.a brilliant P R O for Mr President. But this time around, you erred in your comments.
    There is a poser for you here.
    You are now accusing the leadership of ACN as been responsible for the maginalisation of the YORUBAS in the scheme of things. Remember that , it was this same leaders (ACN) who urged all YORUBAS to massively vote for President Jonathan during the last presidential election.believing that. He (President Jonathan) was not a tribal President. But then here we are. BECAUSE YORUBA LEADERS ( ACN) did not beg for what we are due for ,hence, the TOTAL MAGINALISATION OF YORUBAS. Well yes, REMEMBER YOU CAN FOOL SOME PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME. YOU CANNOT FOOL ALL. THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME. YORUBAS ARE KINLY WATCHING.