‘You Can’t Keep A Relationship Without S^x’ – Nollywood Actress


Below is what fast rising Yoruba actress, Tope Osoba said when asked if she believed S^x is only for married couples…

“I think S^x is meant to be enjoyed by two people who have serious feeling for each other. S^x is good, it is there for two lovers to enjoy themselves and share the secrets of their hearts.

On whether one should engage in premarital S^x or not, I would say, yes. Premarital S^x is okay as long as it is a safe sex. Our society allows  it. These days, you can hardly keep a relationship going without S^x.”

Who agrees with this statement? If you decide to zip up, does that mean you can’t keep a relationship?



  1. The fact that Tope Osoba cannot keep a relationship without sex should not make her conclude about everyone. There are thousands around who are not swayed by what is the trend in society.

    Some of us keep ourselves pure not for fear of HIV/AIDS or unwanted pregnancy. We just want to keep our dignity even if society thinks otherwise.

    Most importantly, we just love to please our God not for fear of punishment. We just simply love our God and choose to express this in our obedience to him in all things.

  2. When we are talking of sense of shame u re shameless.This is one of the signs of end time,y wuld somebody say dre is nting bad in losing virginity before wedding.it is only a prostitute dat does dat nd if am right she is one of dem,dats y she is trying to back her self up.

  3. Ajisafe, you are right. But I’d like to let you know that many more relationship have grown stronger because of ‘zip up’.

    If a relationship collapse because of ‘zip up’, isn’t that proof that the relationship has failed the test of character which is ‘a vital’ basis for a lasting relationship.

  4. Sex is not only prohibited in Islam but is among the biggest sins that is mentioned.
    So i don’t support this and every practicing Muslim will not. My advice to all of us is, we should not be influenced by what some people do, we should first of all think of what our religion says about it before doing it.
    Every Muslim should not commit adultery and fornication.

  5. Lets learn to respect ourselves irrespective of the persons perspective towards certain issues in life. You have no reason to insult any body rather u can disagree with whatever the person said by sharing ur own point of arguiment, every body is entitled to his or her opinion. People come on line and claim to be religious. Yes the bible condemn fornication, but mind u its by the grace of God that some people are standing NOT by there strength. The bibles say those of us that thinks we stand we should take heed lest we fall. So to the sis that pose this I suppose u are a believer if yes the bible says let not this things be mention among u, so am sure the grace of God is sufficient for u to zip up but not by human flesh becos I have seen a lot of the mighty falling in that aspect.

  6. Any pre-marital sex, be it in a serious or no serious relationship is SIN. Anybody encouraging that is not only deceiving himself/herself but many…this can attract d wrath of God. Desist from dat and don’t mind her. Wonders shall never cease in dis world, nawaaooo!!!

  7. Tope has just say her mind out and wat she felt abt sex. To be sincere, most Nigeria are pretenders when it come to the issue of said. They want to play saint. It only 10% of married couple that can come out boldly and say dey never had sex, till dre wedding nite. Everybody has its own meaning and definition for sex. As for me, sex is nothing, God only make sex for reproduction… If u re nt ready to have offspring, why having sex. There is nothing like safe sex… Sex is sex. As Nigerians, we dont need to be a pretender

  8. Majority wud desire to answer in the affirmative becouse they are d categories that count sex as an ecstacy that ensures the satisfaction of the lascivious flesh. While some in the bid of ensuring pregnacy, they do it premarital. Sex is ultimately allowed incessantly for legitimate couples!!!

  9. S^x in relationship keep relationship going on a smooth ground…cos it makes u both feel urself…some1 like me like sex and sex with the only u love most is the most enjoyable tin in relationship…not just sleeping around….

  10. A fool in silence is counted among de wise sister y did u exposed ur foolishness tode whl world well am nt judgin u bcos i too am adulteler though i dnt cherish it at de level of possing it out cos its unfair befor papa GOD pls find smtin beter les discos.