Damino Damoche: Palpable Fear In LASU As Gruesome Photos Of Killed Suspected Cultists Go Viral

LASUIf reports on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are anything to go by, then the Lagos State University, LASU, might have not heard the last of the gruesome killing of rising hip hop sensation, Damilola Olaniyan Ibrahim, popularly known as Damino Damoche.

Damilola, 25, a final year Banking and Finance student of the Lagos State University, who was gunned down by men suspected to be cultists few meters away from his institution last Thursday, has since been buried at the Badagry Cemetry according to Islamic rites.

Meanwhile, some gory pictures of corpses suspected to be students of the Lagos State University went viral on the Internet on Saturday, heightening tension in the school and its environs.

This has led to speculations by students of the institution that some cult members might have gone on a vengeance spree over the death of Damilola.

Reports on social network such as Facebook and Twitter stated that some cult members attacked and killed some students living off campus.

One report puts it this way: “Some cult members believed to belong to Aiye and Bucanners went to attack some cult members belonging to Eiye Confraternity that live off campus. Olaniyan was believed to be a member of Bucanners. It was his gang members that went on the killing spree to avenge his death.”

However, the Student Union President, Ibrahim Tunji, denied the death of more students, adding that normalcy had since returned to the campus.

He said, “I have not received news of the death of any student. I left the school on Friday and I came back on Saturday so I would know if anything had happened. You know anyone can fabricate any story but I don’t think there is need for panic.”