Declare Amnesty For Boko Haram Members – Sultan Tells President Jonathan

SultanpixSultan of Sokoto, His Eminence, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III on Tuesday morning, called on President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to declare amnesty for all Boko Haram combatants.

The Sultan who was speaking during the annual central council meeting of the Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) in Kaduna, urged Jonathan to use the opportunity of his visit to Maiduguri – the Borno State capital and hot bed of the Islamist sect’s activities, to offer them  amnesty.

“We learnt that the President woud be visiting Maiduguri on Thursday. I will like to urge him to see how he can declare amnesty to all combatants,” he said.

Others in attendance at the meeting include the Kaduna state governor, Mukhtar Ramalan Yero, minister for state for Health, Mohammad Ali Pate and several other muslim leaders from across the country.


  1. The major causes of unrest and social crisis is social injustice. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Since amnesty was given to Niger-Delta militants then, it should be given to Boko Haram militants. Any courageous leader always uses carrot and stick approach. Well, if Jonathan chooses to use only the stick approach, everyone should be ready to face the wrath when the stick is broken.

  2. If u compare Boko haram to the Niger delta militants then let them do all the militants did….

    1. They should show the world their leader.
    2. They should state vividly wat and wat they want.
    3. They should come out of hiding and dialogue.
    4. They should stop killing in the name of wateva God or wateva reason.

    Just like the militants did…

    Only then can U start comparing Boko haram to Niger delta militants

  3. God! What do the northerners really want? From every indication, we are begining to believe that those who criticize fed. Govt and canvass for boko haram’s compensation, are truely the bones behind their back. On what ground should any sane man ever grant boko haram amnesty? First of all, what is their grieviance in the first instance, what is their reason for killing and destroying innocent citizens, right inside their worship places, and finally, who is their leaders, sponsors and mentors? Jonathan! My word to you is this: grant boko haram amnesty, and watch every noop and cranny of this country turned to a germinating ground for terrorism. You will get tired of giving amnesty! As for the hausas, we are still busy now, when we re through, we shall put all of them to where they all belong!

  4. I can’t believe my ears…amnesty for what reason? I am from d South West but everyone in this country knew what d Niger Delta Militant were fighting for. They were kidnapin prominent men, govt officials, not killing d poor and innocent people that probably have nothing to defend themselves. On d other hand Boko Haram have committed crimes against humanity by killing (slauhtering, bombing, shooting) children, women, less privilege, clergy men e.t.c all in d name of religion and rejection of western education!!! How do you justify that? Amnesty koor, amnesty ni!! I beg kill dem finish. Mr. President pls don’t negotiate with terrorist.

  5. Thank you very much, honorable citizens. Just y shud a senior citizen without reasoning the consequences open his mouth & declare such statement?
    How on earth can d sultan compare d militants 2 boko haram?
    Do we knw them? Do they av a cause they r fightin 4? Do they knw d sorrows ths faceless sect has caused Nigerians?
    The only msg i get 4rm ths absord request is tht thoz asking 4 it are thoz behind it.

  6. Assalamu allek. To evry gruges here on earth theres a reason bhind it. BH wants to establsh an islamic state in d norther naija which wil equaly gng to b part of d abt to b born west africa islamic caliphate. Saultan is indirectly telin jonatan to grand em chance in his rgime. Ondastood nw?