How Basketmouth Bought His Customised Opel Insignia Car

BasketmouthStand-up comedian, Bright Okpocha also known as Basketmouth, in February, acquired a 2013 Opel Insignia car – reported to be the first on the continent.

In an interview, Basketmouth narrates how he came to be the proud owner of the customized automobile.

“They took me to the office, they brought out the computer and they asked what colour I wanted. I was like, are you guys serious, anything I want you will put in this car? That was how it started, I told them everything I wanted, so they loaded the car as much as they could to my own satisfaction.  I didn’t go out of my way to buy a car neither did I fly all the way to Belgium to buy a car, it was just a coincidence that I just bumped into the car.”

Basketmouth also explains his initial fears when he learnt he was the first person to order the car from Africa. “It was also coincidental that I was the only person that ordered it from this region”, he said.

“When they told me, I was scared and asked what’s up with the servicing of the car? They told me that with the kind of engine that I have ordered, I cannot service it for the next three years and I said okay then give it to me because by three years’ time, definitely I go don change motor. It was just a coincidence and please don’t ask me how much the car costs.”

Basketmouth went on to narrate how a visit to Belgium brought him in contact with his latest acquisition.

“I went to visit my friend, Bayo Adegeye, who was my first manager ever. I went to see him and his family in Belgium. His wife is white and the mother is the General Manager of Insignia and all Opel products. When we went to say hi to her, she wasn’t in the office so I went to the shop and I saw this car laying there and I was like, which car is this, and they told me and I said I like it and asked how much it cost. They told me they don’t sell it that way, that you’d have to order it and I said Okay, I want to order it” he added.