Jonathan should save Nigeria from disintegration by not Running in 2015 – PDP Chieftain

JonathanA former member of the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) and chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Benue State, Chief Abu King Shuluwa, has predicted a bloody revolution in the case that President Goodluck Jonathan decides to contest in 2015. He is therefore warning the president not to run, come 2015.

Speaking with some newsmen at his residence in Makurdi, over the weekend, Shuluwa, warned that any attempt by Jonathan to run election would plunge the country into total revolution. The PDP chieftain also said that the revolution would begin the day President Jonathan is announced as the standard-bearer of the PDP for the 2015 presidential election, stating that the crisis would lead to the disintegration of the country.

Noting that he saw a vision of the country disintegrating by 2015, Shuluwa said the only person that would avert the impending revolution is President Jonathan, saying that the president should allow the ruling party to pick the best candidate for the job. “The only person that can save Nigeria from disintegration is President Jonathan and he can do that by not contesting the 2015 presidential election… I see the sign of a total revolution and that revolution will start the day Jonathan is announced as the candidate of the PDP. If he wins the election, he would hardly be sworn in because of the revolution,” he said.


  1. Shuluwa or what r u fool called let dat be ur business if the president will remain whr it is and to u it will cause the disintegrations of nigeria so be it, the oil money at stake will authomaticly be out of reach to u people, maybe ur fears is the dire consequences that ravage ur region, govern ur people wit what comes out of ur own land, and hands off from our crude oil thieves.

  2. PDP has couse alot of harm to citizen of this country even obasonjo said, the problem of this country is frm the leaders. who are this leaders thesame obasonjo and his team why i said is the problem of this country, since death of ya’adu this country become a tatanic ship seanking every day in the hands of president jonathan and crew called socalled leaders i discribed PDP as kankaworm killing this country frm inside (1) boko haram are coused by vampire call PDP (2) the rate of gunmen are increasing every day. Coused by PDP(3) God is his infinitly mercy is angry with PDP because of religion crisis set by obasonjo, jonathan, David mark, okonjo iwela the blood of innocent nigerian whom death couse by this leader have God case to answer know apeal no pay as you go.

  3. Yes. my people for me i will like him to go for 2nd time like others do b4. U see he is the only one that improve Nigeria power upto where it is now and still have alot to deliver. Why can’t we support him.

  4. Integration? What a seemingly strange yet welcome word! We seek it not bcos it is predicted by powers of the west but bcos it is the fastest means to salvage this ‘accidental union’ called Nig. As for Goodluck, we’ll never forget him in a hurry if he serves as the catalyst for this dissolvement, @ least he’ll emerge the Leader of the Niger Delta! Oh, 2015; how I await thee!

  5. Its 4ny 4 some people 2 still suport dis future killer call GEJ.we need a man who can realy fight coruption and not 2 pretend!A man who wil fight 4 de poor and not a thief who wil finish his tenure snatching de only bread poor man has.increasing de price of everythin in pretence 2 amenities provision but in a FACT 2 hav more 2 steel.dat is GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN.we should try ROCHAS.

  6. I am a northern, a bonafide indigine of niger state and a christian, but i hope dat this clueless man be allowed to contest if nd only if it will bring an end to the existance of this stupid nation called nigeria..if dia will be no disintegration let dat hopeless man get out of villa, but if it will cause disintegration let him contest…wat d southerners failed to understnd is dat we d masses in d north got tired of living with d south, our only problem is our hopeless leaders, else dis useless nation would hav been a history since…i pray dat nigeria will be a history as a nation within the next 24 hours not even reaching 2015….let evryone find his way..we only started having dis kind of troubles, killings, and all sort of insecurity wen a delger deltan became d president..we never wanted nija to reach 2000 cos we r tired of treating d southerners here like brothers but receiving insults from d very ppl we treatd good just in d name of dey want d country’s existance to end…..THIS FORCE MARRIAGE SHOULD BE DISSOLVE…D STUPID MAN DAT MADE THIS INTENTIONAL MISTAKE IN1914 SHOULD BE BLAME FOR ALL DIS NONSENSE…GOD WILL SURELY PUNISH LUGARD FOR THIS WITH A GREATER PUNISHMENT IN HELL!!!

    • @Samuel thanks for your comment, god bless you, because we are tired of the south-south & south -easterner’s. They are the same people who travel outside to spoil the countries image because they don’t want the country. Let them find their way & go kill themselves over their crude oil. After all America is now an oil producer. Lets see who buys from them after we split. At least we have gold, oil & other resources to help start a new northern & south-western economy.

  7. I say “Amen” to dat prophesy. When northern militart man after anoda military man ruled d country we didnot disintegrate. Now a niger deltan wants to run just a 2nd term of 4 yrs we are talking of revolution and disintegration. Anyway, revolution is never a bad thing. Just maybe dat is what nigeria needs and I will b happy if it will take a niger deltan to champion dat revolution.

  8. My people, let adress the issue according to the way it should be . Let foget the issue of tribe or religion since nigeria is a unit entity. This mr jonathan is not realy what to be the president since he has been elected we have the problems that as arriving and he take any step to contest in 2015 revoluting kick off. I don’t belong toany party but this does’t what the sit

  9. Why afraid of disintegration, that is what Nigeria even need so that what you have can reach you.
    To disintegrate will even be the best. We will have atleast five presidents instead of one, five capital cities and so on. If God will use GEJ to disintegrate Nigeria, is not bad. We are not to celebrate name of a country while people are dying of hunger, poverty, etc in the mist of wealth.

  10. No single poor man enyoys 9ja why not disintegration?59% of Nigerins are poor,11 average,25 pawpers and the remaining 5%.What do we need from a country which only 5% of its population enjoy it? Let Nigeria break.

  11. I can’t imagine you guys talking about disintegration. For God’s sake how many presidents did 2nd term in office and since when did we (Nigerians) know that only 5% of the populace benefit most from our resources. The arewa people complain most and yet they have the highest number of presidents and head of states who ruled Nigeria and those of which could not develop their land for them. I am ashamed each time I hear a northerner talk about corruption because they are the masters of it. Till today, they are not willing to change. Revolution is a good thing for Nigeria but not disintegration it will only weaken the zeal power of this unified country. Instead of us raising our voices for the enforcement of our constitution all in one accord agree to be bound by it, let the rule of law take its cause on even these so called 5% because this is the true revolution we need. we are here talking rubbish.

  12. We all seem to have a preconceived mind set that if Jonathan contests in 2015, he will automatically win. This is obviously because Nigerians know that we never have free and fair elections. If Jonathan can guarantee free and fair elections come 2015, let Jonathan contest and see if he wins. We also seem to forget that even with the ‘rigging’, Jonathan needs the consent of a certain cabal to win and this cabal is not predominantly south south. If there is going to be a revolution it certainly won’t be against the south south, or even the entire south for that matter. It will be against this self centered cabal and their sycophants who are destroying this country and pitching us against each other with politics of north against south. All this is distracting us from the real issue…Is Jonathan capable enough to lead us through another 4yrs? Because instead of a ‘breadth of fresh air’ he promised us, all many of us have been smelling is gunpowder. ‘True’ Nigerians have had enough and they might express their views through other means than the ballot box which has obviously been hijacked. That’s all Shuluwa is saying.

  13. Ene, this is a reply to your comment. I don’t think mr abu king shuluwas vision is a fake one, the time has come with just less than 5 weeks left before the election day, and we’d all be lying if we say we are not preparing for that day .