Lil Wayne And Birdman’s 14-year-old Daughters Wrote A Teen Novel

lil, bird daughter

Putting words together seems to run in the family, as Reginae Carter and Bria Williams the daughters of Lil Wayne and Birdman, respectively are releasing their first teen novel, titled Paparazzi Princesses.

Hitting shelves on June 4 via Cash Money Content, the book is loosely based on the lives of the famous 14-year-olds and penned with help from author Karyn Langhorne Folan. The plot centers around two teenagers named Kyla Jones and Promise Walker, who both deal with the ups and downs of being “unintentionally famous” because of their parents.

Lil Wayne says in a statement: “I’ve got to be honest. It’s inspiring to see what these girls have done. It wasn’t easy, and they did it all by themselves. ‘Proud’ doesn’t even begin to describe how me and the ‘Birdman’ feel. I can’t wait for everybody else to experience their story.”

Birdman, of course, is also beaming with pride. “They took an idea, worked extremely hard, and brought it to life,” he states. “It’s the kind of story that everybody can feel, and it’s only the start of much bigger things for these two wonderful young ladies.”

And so the Cash Money dynasty continues…