My Ex-Wife Was Foolish- Actress, Foluke Daramola’s Husband


Actress, Foluke Daramola’s husband Kayode Salako who ended his marriage with his ex-wife due to irreconcilably differences open up on his reason for his failed marriage.

In an interview recently, Kayode revealed that his ex-wife, Bukola leaving the house for another woman to move in is an act of foolishness.

‘My wife that left was just being foolish and I will continue to tell the whole world that my former wife did not leave me because of Foluke Daramola because the question anybody should ask her is did I bring Foluke Daramola to her house? did she catch me on Foluke Daramola? did she catch us kissing and romancing? did I impregnate her? did I marry her before she left the house.

Why should an established married woman pack her things and leave the house for a girlfriend to come and live if that woman is not foolish.

I never planned to marry Foluke Daramola, we were just friends, we just discovered that we appreciated our companionship, anytime the two of us were around each other, we always enjoyed it, so we became very good friends.

I am the one that told my ex-wife, Bukola at home about my friendship with Foluke Daramola, she did not know anything about her.

I was the one that told her that I just met an actress, who had agreed to be my friend and work with me on my project; Change Agent of Nigeria Network (CANN)”, he said.



  1. Hmm! I have heard severally that some men did abandoned their homes,because of Nollyhood actresses,but I used to doubt it,thinking it was just some flings. However, this guy has proved them right and I wrong that some guys are just morally bankrupt. How would your children feel,seeing that you are now married to another woman? In fact, I doubt if you really did an investigation to know why her first marriage collapsed? Well, it is not all that glitters that is gold. I do not know what to wish you,but I will keep watch to see how long this ossidy will last.

  2. I don’t av anytin against foluke’s marriage, bt I rem I read ur writeup dat a their was a premonition dat u wl marry a woma wt 2 kids. Definately u knw wat u r up to or u had it all planned. U r just talkn rubbish. U must av bn doing sumtins dat ur ex couldn’t stand dat made r left or u abandon her bt why should u call r foolish? U r just lyn hu will hold u bak for marrying a new wife bt don’t insult ur ex cos u r a fool

  3. My impression about Mr Salako is that he talks too much. I don’t expect a man to talk as much on issues as he does. And when one does that, one won’t know when he/she mis-fires. Please sir, remember there are children between you & your ex & you definitely hurt them by the way you talk about their Mum. God will help you.

  4. Men re somehw,hw dear u tells ur wife such a thing,can u take that such situation as from her?i believe u used foluke to maltreat ur ex ni, thats y she packed since u prefer,foluke to her,and ur family re just siding u ni.