Nollywood Actor, Charles Inojie Disowns Blood Daughter


Before Nollywood actor Charles Inojie got married last year he befriended a lady in Abuja who later told him she is pregnant.

To cut the long story short, he denied the pregnancy.

The lady who claims Charles Inojie impregnated her is crying out for help after the actor disown the baby.

Do you think this innocent baby looks like Charles Inojie?



  1. Oboyee this baby is not just a photo copy, carbon copy, look alike of the suspected actor, this guy just vomited him self thro. This baby old boy better go & take your baby is not a must to marry her mother after all you no see condom use abi you no dey civilised reach woman waist. So if it where to contact HIV you would ve gotten it. To be too sure go for DNA test. Tester like you.

  2. Ah ah. This is obvious naa. Guy, abeg even iv you no like the woman, dont do this to this pretty angel. But if you insist, do pay for a paternity test to confirm that. But then, an advice to the guys, don’t go looking for responsibilities if you’re are not man enought to take it. And the ladies too, stop giving it. Close your legs and put your bums down

  3. Hah hah charles, u don’t need any body 2 tell u dis girl urs. U better do the right thin at the right time before it’s late, bcs she is d one begging know a time will come that u will be d one begging her ‘nd by that time u will be ashamed of ur self.

  4. Dis little even a blind man usin braille wil tel u she is ur carbon copy,if u no lyk mama accept d child so dat God can bless ur union. Charlie u sharp pass dis na

  5. the baby is yr carbon print, or still, u yrself in the female form. pls accept this little angel and bear the consequences of not being able to control yr manhood.

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a carbon copy! men!!!!!!!!!! no need of DNA test joro, Charles my friend na ur blood de flow for that Baby.

  7. U no need anybody to tell u said dat child na own naaaa see ur nose charle boy n see d little angel nose plss pls go take care of her bf God of infants go visit u ooooo

  8. OGA Charls nawa for u Ooo,u no say me and u we be benin shuuuuw,y u de fall me hand na,Abt pour water still de u eye,Bros base. On the matter way me de see so this baby na ur own just try arrange her to cabal,I grit u digitally.

  9. Charlie, it is very simple. If you’re in doubt, kindly go for a DNA test despite the resemblance of the baby to avoid much troubles. Please do not hesitate do the right thing on time.

  10. Charles, haba! This pikin na your own na! Why are u denying it? So when u are sleeping with d mother, u didn’t know that the result is going to be this cute baby? Better make urself responsible so that u wil not receive punishments from God. Why are u grinding when u are not ready?

  11. haba what did he grind? @oluchi, as for you charles that baby is yours. world have gone beyond those old days when guys play away match and escapes any how. if this girl consult all these great underworld tormentors my brother even tb joshua will not be able to deliver you then, so please help yourself today to avoid tomorrows crisiss


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