Renewed Violence: House Of Reps Call On Jonathan To Grant Amnesty To Boko Haram

GEJ-House-JonathanThe House of Representatives yesterday unanimously adopted a motion calling on President Goodluck Jonathan to grant amnesty to members of Boko Haram sect without further delay in order to put an end to the renewed spate of attacks in the country.

Adopting a motion on matters of urgent national importance sponsored by Rep. Ibrahim Olaifa (AC, Oyo), the lawmakers said it was in the interest of the nation to seek an end to the violence that recently assumed an alarming frequency.

In his motion, Rep. Olaifa argued that if the same government had given amnesty to Niger Delta militants there was no reason why it should not extend same to Boko Haram members because they too are Nigerians who deserve to be treated as such.

“We have continued to lose lives and property everyday but there is nothing to lose if we engage these people in dialogue and offer them amnesty. They are Nigerians and we know that poverty pushed some of them to engage in violence. We should turn them to peaceful human beings instead of treating them as goats. Nigeria has nothing to lose,” Olaifa said.

When Speaker Aminu Waziri Tambuwal who presided over the session put the motion to a voice vote, it was unanimously adopted without further debate.


  1. Who is Goodluck giving amnesty to?the elites in the north,their Governors or their Representatives in the House?who do we know dat is the boko haram but we know the Militants.Like some1 said,they re loosing focus.

  2. I think these people calling for amnesty are just too stupid. Do the Bako haram say they want that? Someone who is working and killing in the name of his god, who apart from that his god can stop him? What are we talking about? Let them come out like the militants who were fighting for a reason men could step in and stop them. Go to hell abeg. I am pissed off with these idiots.

  3. Nigerians should know that no GOD will ever come down again to solve this crisis in them. GOD has finish his work by given Nigerian eminent men and woman, from east to west and from north to south this time to seat together and tell north good by. they are incurable cancer to the nation called Nigeria. Islam is a worst cancer to human race, Islam is worst than HIV/Aids Islam is evil. if you believe copy this massage and post to every one you know.

  4. @chudy james, yet they ar d dwellar of paradise. N 4 ur info, no muslim will dear insult jesus, but as for u; fuck u n ur motherfucking mama dt give birth to an idiot lyk u. U lyk it o not, islam will remain d fastest growin religion on d face of d earth.

  5. @Bin Uthman, did you say dwellers of paradise? is that what they are teaching you? sereously!!! i cant stop laughing at this your naiveity. you mean killing people and forcing people to islam is the way to paradise? i guess that paradise(paradise where sex and alchoholic wine is the only reward for adherant)is the one satan has built for his followers. it is never the paradise jesus christ has promised the righteous. and who lied to you again that islam is the fastest growing religion? even if it is true, dont you think that is why evil is fast growing as well? soon christ will come and all your growth will crumble and your master lucifer and his followers (muslims and other agents of destruction) will be driving to his “paradise”

  6. Please, can this our so-call leader be sincere enough to tell the nation if the two groups are comparable. BH are not fighting for Nigerian course nor for the sake of their people as was the case of millitants. They are terrorist, killing Innocent people everywhere their blood sucking evil spirit direct them to. Do they deserve to be supported to continue to terrorize the nation and Innocent people or do they think the amnesty will make BH to stop the killing? Let God arise and His enemies be scattered. Let their weapons turn against them until they are totally destroyed IN JESUS NAME.

  7. Who are boko haram? What do de want? The have no face? Never Niger Delta militant fight for their right. What is boko are killing pple for? What do de want. Reps u pple re losing focus i suspect some of u

  8. u no d yorubas r hypocrites dey r bcomin d majo prblem of nigeria. Imagin y a big fool like dat sponsorin a bil 4 amnesty 2 boko haram. 4 y nw. D idiot yoruba pple wl alwaz support d hausa. D hausa blv dey can alwaz use d yorubas 2 get at d south bcos of d cowardnes of d yorubas

  9. Pls can thr Reps tell Nigerians who Boko Haram are? The NASS should think of better way of deceiving Nigerians in the name of protecting the interet of the poor masses. However, i blame christians residing in the North for thier misfortunes. I do not cre anymore what is happening to them there, most especially the Igbos; since they’ve decided to make the North thier only source of survival even at the expence of thier lives and that of thier families. The sooner the start going home, the better for them. As for the Reps, they are bunch of confused disorganized law breakers!!!