Stop Treating Sultan With Disrespect, Muslim Rights Concern Warns CAN

ORITSEJAFOR-ayoThe Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has lampooned the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), for attacking the Sultan of Sokoto and the President-General of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Alhaji Muhammed Abubakar Sa’ad, over his recent call for amnesty for Boko Haram.

Prof. Ishaq Akintola, MURIC’s director, in a statement yesterday in Ibadan, said instead of throwing stones at the Sultan, the leadership of CAN should join him and the federal government to find a lasting solution to the ongoing destruction of life and property in Northern Nigeria by the radical Islamic sect.

The group which charged religious leaders to watch their utterances and control their emotions said that it amounts to double standard “if we are willing to grant amnesty in one case but determined to ‘crush’ with military might in another.

“Perhaps CAN is secretly eyeing American drones stationed in Niger Republic. We should not forget that when a hen perches on a rope, neither the rope nor the hen can be stable,” MURIC said.

While backing the Sultan’s call for amnesty for Boko Haram, it affirmed that this will not be the first time Nigeria was granting amnesty to dissident groups.

According to MURIC, Federal Government declared amnesty for the Niger Delta militants when a Muslim was in government and the nation benefitted from it.

MURIC further hailed the current Sultan describing him as the best thing that had happened to the Nigerian Muslim Ummah in decades saying,“We repose full confidence in his person and admire his style of leadership.

“Mobile and articulate, Sultan Abubakar III is a great inspiration for us. He is a leader with great integrity, a patriot primus inter peres and a statesman nulli secundus. We will therefore not stand akimbo while some people treat him with disrespect. We remind CAN that respect begets respect,” it said.


  1. is it because of amnesty that that brings about boko haram? in niger delta, they were fighting for there right, land degredation, water pollution e.t.c, all in the name of national treasure and these are the people living there, so why boko haram? why amnesty?

  2. The Professor is talking absolute nonsense. What is Boko Haram fighting for? What were the Niger Delta militants fighting? In view of recent revelations that Northerners, and by extension, Muslims, own 83% of the oil blocks in the Niger Delta, a region that ranks as the most underdeveloped and abandoned among oil producing communities anywhere in the world, weren’t the militants right to take up arms against a Nigerian State that only served interests of the ruling Northern oligarchy and oil magnets. The Sultan should look for another way of solving the Boko Haram crisis or let the North burn to ashes. Everyone claims his religion preaches peace yet with 90% certainty and correctness, even a new born baby can guess the religion of a suicide bomber. COWARDS!!!

  3. So voicing out our opinions amount to disrespect of sultan huh! Well get ready for greater disrespect of ur sultan should he not stop supporting d cause of terrorist boko haram.

  4. What rubbish Amnesty.What’s the justification for the Amnesty.The Amnesty granted to the Niger Delta Militant I’d justifiable,and was it even granted to christians (cos u are saying it was granted by muslim in government).Why can’t u pple just leave all these sentiments and face the fact.Am a Muslim by birth,and I practice it till today as my religion.Why are u pple just soling ur hands with all these rubbish posts

  5. Sultan is insane & in mentally depreciation state. I realize he is taking some voduka liquor dat is why he talks foolishly

  6. The descendants of the bond woman in the Northern nigeria would soon regret their action when they split Nigeria with their nefarious activities! What are they fighting for? Thank God,the south-west can stand on their own as a nation likewise the eastern part/Niger delta.Simple!

  7. CAN is worst than boko haram in this country,they are the bane behind continuous attack,contributed immensely through their utterrance and actions.we should try to be objective.why attackin sultan who gave his opinion to keep the unity.u beta think 2

    • Ola u are the most foolish, idiot ive ever seen… many mosque has CAN either bombed or opened fire on…..if you are amongst them pls signify…the head ragged satan of sokoto has shown his foolishness to the entire nation, an should be thoroughly investigated……I just wonder the last time you used your brain…idiot.

    • Ola! The Sultan support to give his opinion, but it is not the best. Yar’adua used the people of Niger Delta to solved the problem. He asked the people of the area to talk to the militants and they did. So let the VP, the Sultan do the same. Then as you say that CAN is worst than Boko Haram, you know why you are saying so, but if I may ask you; how many mosques have been bombed in the north and how many Churches, do you expects the Christians to keep silence because Sultan has spoken? Ola! you should know that if the Sultan is talking, we that are from the north knows he is talking about Islam and muslims, not with the Christians. How many outsider Ola, were involved in the Niger-Delta crisis? In the the case of Boko Haram, many of them are not Nigerians, in-fact about 65% are not from Nigeria. The Lybians, the Iranians, Chadians, Nigeriens and many others are members, and the purpose is to make West Africa like north Africa. So, what many of thinking of, is not what they want or thinking.

  8. Boko are terrorists, by their mode of operation we all know they are likened to Al-queda, islamic modreb etc. I implore the US to intervene with their drone and settle this trash. Boko actions are baseless. Why should an impoverished region like the north-east, north-west carry arms when they should ve used that money to improve their well-being. If I may ask, what is the core norths contribution to this country? I weep for Boko.

  9. CAN and its defenders ar the worst terrorist than bkh, its lunatic president and the embcile followers are rocking any decent peace move in this country.

  10. To hell wit the sutan. Where is he when b/h are killing christians and bombing churches? Is now that he sees the battle is coming to an end that he want to talk of armnesty. How can u declare armnesty to terrorist.

  11. No reason of disrespecting our leaders; Sultan or any muslim cleric & CAN with his bodies are sincerely interceeding for this country, let not the faceless boko haram divert their focus from their duty. And if prof isa-aq needed Amnesty for boko haram let him first renounce his profesorship, what a coward:

  12. Why are we sentimental.We should not pretend to be religious and hide the truth.what are the boko haram fighting for.what is the justifiable reason for killing people.a man who calls himself a father and relegious leader is supporting the killing of innocent people.sultan,remember there is God who will judge all unfaithfulness.

  13. Is now i know dat muslims re vry wicked nd dey we all end up in hell if dey dont repent, imagine muslims re kiling xtian lyk fowl evryday yet ur saltan didn’t do anytin now is beging 4 amnesty, y is boko haram fighting? i wnt 2 know.

  14. The faceless boko haram shld come out openly as Niger Delta militant lets know there anoyance if it what amnesty. U can see how northerns muslim are creating problems, i think the best for this country is to be divided. This country is to big for one person to rule

  15. Ppl of Nig this is not the right time to apportion blame to a ambassador of peace, whose duty without sentiment to ensure all Nig sleep with two eye clossed. I’m not surprise with all post of condemnation,because u think north is not east. I want u to know whenever u praise somebody u should not praise him blindly nd when u criticize u should not criticize unfairly. Pls do it well.

  16. 1 tin we must alwayz remember is,weda we lyk it or nt,circumstances hv forced us 2 live as 1.Lets learn 2 manage each oda nd stp bastardisatn of our religions nd geopolitical zones.Lets explor all avenues dt wil yield 2 a peaceful Nigeria nd stp d violence which is hindering dvlpmt nd grwt!

  17. Pls, i would like to plead with our aggrieved christian brothers to stop saying insultive and religiously degrading comments regarding Islam. This world is in enough chaos that we all caused with our hands than to be pointing fingers at the Muslims alone. All forms of terrorism is vehemently opposed by Islam. Please don’t let’s generalize our opinions to all muslims just because some sects have another interpretation of the tenets of the religion. Humans are prone to mis-interpretations and our egos further ensure we repudiate correction.
    Pls, i understand how bitter we are, but don’t let’s vent our anger at the religion (which is abstract) but at the perpetrators and corrupt politticians that breeded them. May Allah strengthen and guide us through the right path.

  18. Well,well,well….the case is not about what boko haram is fighting for.the question shud be WHO IS DIS BOKO HARAM…how can u grant amnesty to a thin air..haba malam sultan,dat attack touch ur brain?

  19. Thanks for some other excellent post. Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a perfect method of writing? I’ve a presentation subsequent week, and I’m at the look for such information.

  20. Today a group of terrorist & cold blooded murderers announced 2 d world that they’ve killed all 7 of their hostages. The group which is referred 2 as ‘ansaru’ for short claims it’s goal is to protect muslims in black africa. I ask, how they intend 2 do dis by killing some innocent expatriate who left d comfort of their well devt land 2 execute a legitimate job in northern nigeria? How is Islam a religion of ‘Peace’, wen all acts of terrorism & violence all over d world is associated wit Islam? They go by all sorts of names ‘Alquaida’ Taliban’ Boko Haram’ Ansaru’ etc… all these Islamic organisations have a clear objective, they’re oppose to growth & development, peace & progress, they are vampires and blood suckers. How can anybody convince a sane and reasonable person that Islam stands 4 peace wen it’s footprints & trademarks of violence & terror continue to stare us daily on d face? how can u say that Islam means well for me wen all it does is 2 seek 2 terminate my life & those of my kind? Islam is no religion, It is a Cult, a cult that survives on human blood & only thrives wen non members suffer from its rain of terror. Alas! ‘He that kills by d sword shall surely die by d sword’.

    • Thanks steve my brother. That Sultan can kiss my ass. Both he and his imbecile followers from hausa/fulani keep quiet when muslims attack and murder innocent people in churches without provocation. They secretly support and delight in the war that muslims through bokoharam are waging against christians. The sultan and his subhuman followers don’t deserve to live with human beings. They deserve to be shipped to afghanistan where they can practice their odious islamic faith. Fuck islam.

  21. Mmmmmm tnx 2 president GEJ 4 summoniin d courage 2 refuse d boko boyz Amnesty, dids is a man dat many say all kind of thingz against e.g dat he is a weak n confused president bt I wan u 2 knw dat GEJ knws 4rm his left 2 his rite n he is giving dis boko boy a very long rope 2 see if they’ll change if they dn’t well “A child dat say his mother will nt sleep certainly dat child wil nt sleep! So my fellow christian let’s just pray 4 president GEJ 4 more wisdom on hw 2 governed n deal mercilessly wit dis radicals(Boko Haram). God is nt sleeping.

  22. If any of you Northern leaders want to stop boko haram….go and sign the agreement that the president has requested for….if not you all are supporters and behind boko haram…simple and short. Let the truth be said.

  23. Let’s call a spade a spade. Who are those to be granted amnesty the faceless IDIOT called boko haram ? Any one advocating for that should be publicly executed. We should be talking on how to help those widows,orphans and the aged who lost their breadwinners as a result of those attacks by those bunch of uncarstrated cannibals. And hear we are with a rtd military personal who now wears babbariga with rouni talking amnesty. Ok since we think through our bottom or yansh we have agreed then Sa`ad Abubakar bring them so we can talk or negotiate .if you want to think or reason thro your Bombom limit it to your household or within sokoto caliphate or within your muslim subjects. Very soon we will hit back when the time comes and may be the rich and highly placed will feel it most. Jesus is lord now & for ever more

  24. What u people should knw is that, any muslim dats nt violent is not realy practicn islam. Dey cal it d religion of peace bt only for their muslim brothers and hell wicked to christians. Ask d haram and d quran wat jihad means… Dats what d boko haram are fightn 4. Check it out…

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