If You Can Afford To Leave Nigeria, Please Do, It’s Becoming An Unlivable Place – Solomon Buchi

Solomon Buchi, a writer and social media critic, recently took to Twitter to address Nigerians.

In his tweet, he stated that if you have the ability to leave Nigeria, you should do it without hesitation.

He further emphasised that as a Nigerian, it’s not necessarily you travel to the United Kingdom, the United States, or Canada, but can instead visit other African countries such as Ghana, Botswana, and Kenya.

He also explained the reason for his statement by lamenting the fact that Nigeria has become an unlivable environment to be in.

He bemoaned that Nigeria is not a nation where things are set up to make anyone succeed.

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On his X account, he tweeted,

“if you can afford to leave Nigeria, please do. It doesn’t have to be the UK, US, or Canada. You can explore other African countries, Ghana, Botswana, Kenya. Nigeria is becoming an unlivable place. That is not a place where things are set up to help you flourish”.